An ‘enchanted evening’, indeed!



Though I’ve never been one for musical theater and the like, I was fortunate enough to join some very generous friends last evening at a benefit for the Atlanta Symphony. Bernadette Peters headlined the event and her performance was nothing less than outstanding!

It may sound like I’m speaking from age, but with today’s popular music disposable at best, it’s so great to see genuine talent! You haven’t lived until you hear Ms Peters cover of ‘Some Enchanted Evening’ from Rogers and Hammersteins ‘South Pacific’! It literally gave you goosebumps! ‘Johanna’, from ‘Sweeney Todd’ and ‘Losing My Mind’ from ‘Folies’ were each equally mesmerizing!

Take it from me….if you have a chance to experience our musical culture in this regard…by that, I mean a live performance from true talent…don’t pass it up! I have to also credit Ms Peters for not using the setting to spout personal political beliefs..not that I’m aware she ever does. It’s just so rare and refreshing today to enjoy someone who distinguishes themselves in such a manner. True cultural icons are disappearing at a rapid rate in this country. See them while you can!


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