They just don’t get it….

Some recent correspondence with a friend of mine again paints a picture of me as somewhat of a zealot when it comes to defeating Barack Obama this year and the danger we face as a nation if we don’t. My friend expressed disappointed indifference with the political field, exclaiming “no one represents me”. I can understand that. I’m sure millions of Americans feel the same way. Another friend declared he could never vote for a Republican, though he’s hardly satisfied with the current Administration. I don’t know for sure, but I suppose it’s a real possibility they may just not vote, come November.

The only thing worse than that would be to actually VOTE for Obama! Essentially, that’s what happens by default if you don’t vote. And you can bet your last dollar (which may actually reflect your economic situation sooner than you think!) Mr. Obama is counting on millions staying home. No doubt his playbook is counting on enough Americans turning out who vote for a living to send him back to the White House for 4 more years. What do you get for that? A dwindling number who WORK for a living paying the price. Literally!

Philosophical differences with this President and the Democrat party are enough for me to vote for the Republican candidate, no matter who it is. I’m not agreeing with every stance on issues. However, I do agree with the premise that we need less government and more practical, common sense when it comes to fiscal matters. Some Republican candidates are preferable to others when it comes to such. BUT, awarding Barack Obama with a second term is to damn our future to the likes most Americans cannot fathom. This President favors a government managed and dictated economy. Who can make money and how that money is distributed are primary tenants of this belief. Mr. Obama believes in dictating policy not through the rule of law, but by declaration. He wants to decide what industries can flourish and which cannot. He wants to decide how and when you can get healthcare. He wants to decide when you’ve made enough money. He wants to decide how you function in the workplace; i.e. unions and ‘right to work’. In the meantime, he ignores real problems like energy independence, immigration reform and enforcement, foreign relations. And the dirty secret is, HE HAS NO SOLUTION for these problems, aside from creating a new government program or regulation.

We have to face facts. We are headed toward economic armageddon. Some would say we’re there already…


Unfortunately, we don’t have the luxury right now to bicker over such matters as contraception and religious dogma. No matter how important those matters may seem to you, a nation facing economic collapse should take precedent. The focus should be returning this country to prosperity and opportunity for all. It sounds cliched, but it’s true. Social change can only be achieved by a society that is actually THAT…A SOCIETY. We face a future where your physical well being is at stake. In the meantime, Mr. Obama and his party play upon your emotions. Their hope of distracting you and turning your attention away from WHAT REALLY MATTERS is what drives them. It’s time to realize what we need to do to save this republic. Otherwise, our time is up!


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