More ‘Stupidity on Parade!’

Yes…it’s that time again! More examples of rampant idiocy out there!…We have some doozys today!…


"Take advantage of this interactive opportunity to learn critical thinking skills that will help you in college and gain insight into becoming a global leader of the 21st century. Learn about the Occupy Wall Street movement and explore real-life human rights implications. Review social justice concepts and explore human rights issues related to current events. Young people hold the power to change their community, their schools, their future -- are you ready to join the movement for justice?"


Montgomery College in Maryland is offering a very enlightening course, it seems. I mean, who wants to waste time actually LEARNING something, when you can ‘protest’ in an attempt “get what you deserve”!?


" Let’s face it: Even though we had a terrible economic crisis three years ago, throughout our country many people were suffering before the last three years, particularly in the black community. And so we need to make sure that we continue to support that important safety net. It not only is good for the family, but it’s good for the economy. People who receive that unemployment check go out and spend it and help stimulate the economy, so that’s healthy as well."


Bordering on a level of DANGEROUS stupidity, White House adviser, Valerie Jarrett echoes the Democrat sentiment that it’s better to be given a check by the government, than to actually work….


“We support efforts by the Obama Administration to expand domestic energy resources, including natural gas and renewable sources like wind and solar that create jobs in America and will end our dangerous dependence on foreign energy supplies. This can be achieved because today, the United States currently has more oil and gas rigs at work than the rest of the world combined, and imports of foreign oil have decreased. “We call on the Republican leadership to act on behalf of American consumers and join our efforts to crack down on speculators who care more about their profits than the price at the pump even if these spikes harm the American consumer and our economy.”


A regular when it comes to stupidity, Democrat leader and former Speaker, Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) on why you’re paying more for gas….This woman manages to outdo herself time and time again…


Yeah,….for those of you worried about some speech Rick Santorum made four years ago, ..this is what we need…we need for more years of the likes of these folks….God help us!….Oh, I allowed to say that?…

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