What you can expect….

"You people ain't seen nothin' yet!..."

Well, we have ‘Super Tuesday’ behind us. And, as expected, not much was decided or resolved…as far as the Republican presidential primary is concerned. I happened to catch an interview with political analyst Dick Morris this morning. I consider Morris one of the more astute and knowledgable individuals in the political arena. He was asked what could be expected should President Obama win a second term. His response was NOT encouraging. Basically, Morris said we can look forward to a continued stagnant economy. An increase in the number of those Americans looking to the government to soak the rich as their way of life. An explosive…literally..Middle East with crazy leaders run amok and unchecked, as the United States will be reluctant to step up. And a President basically seeking to operate with a blank check. That means more and more and more money out of your pocket. Combine these with a country that will continue to see diminished manufacturing and increasing imports, and it will be a bleak future, indeed.

In the meantime, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, and Rick Santorum continue the barrage against one another. A fact the latter two refuse to face, there’s little, if any chance, either can secure enough delegates to obtain the nomination and if their combined support denies Romney the nomination, that will almost certainly spell disaster for the Republicans come November.

All of this is going on and we have a media focusing on some women’s reproductive rights activist and her law school tenure at Georgetown, a completely false narrative that Republicans want to ban contraception as part of their “war on women”. That insipid premise put forth by the moronic DNC chair, Debbie Wasserman Schulz. You have to credit them in their efforts to re-elect Barack Obama. This President and his  supporters KNOW they have NOTHING to offer as far as his record in office. NOTHING! Mr. Obama is a dismal and absolute failure. His policies are wrong….and dangerous. Unless we can coalesce behind a Republican candidate and take this fight to Barack Obama and the Democrats, we are lost as a nation. Finished. If you, yourself, have not realized that fact, it’s time to wake up!!!!

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