EVERY SINGLE WORD OF THIS IS TRUE!!!!…a.k.a. You want 4 more years of THIS!!!

Bill Whittle NAILS the Obama Administration, the Democratic leadership, and their lot!….If you are even CONSIDERING voting for Barack Obama in November, you need to exercise some SERIOUS soul searching!…Say what you will about the Republican challengers, put aside the polling data…and WATCH THIS VIDEO!….It speaks VOLUMES about the choices we have come Election day!….




If you have even the slightest bit of concern about your future…our future…you can in NO WAY allow these people to continue to DESTROY THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!


"I'm gonna f**k this sh*t up, but good!"


"If it's a lie about the opposition, we can use it in the Obama campaign...because, as everyone knows, we have absolutely NOTHING positive to run on regarding the President's first term.."



"In the Obama Administration, we pride ourselves on doing all we can to destroy the American economy...whether it's through passive inaction...or the promotion of destructive monetary policy..."


"Whoa!...hold on a minute!...I promised the President that I would help him pass that piece of crap legislation, known as Obamacare...but, I reserve the right to sound continually insipid on other matters..whether it's about unemployment...that sham we created, also known as the Republican war on women...and various other bullsh*t government giveaways...because..basically, that's all we're good for in Congress....continually lying to the idiot voters..."


"I knew all of this bulls**t we created with this President was a joke from the get go...I just have to make sure I can hang on until retirement..even if that means I don't do a f**king thing as the leader of the Senate....Of course, I run the risk of being found out as the shell of a man that I am..."


"What we're about at the Justice Department, is the continued lack of enforcement of law in this country...while suing various states on whatever bulls*it matters we can come up with....I'm not known as a complete joke for nothing!"





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