“You should all be aware by now that I will say ANYTHING directed at this group or that group to garner their support….It doesn’t matter whether I mean it or not…that’s not important…the important thing is I said it…and hopefully, they’re stupid enough to believe me….”

Is anyone really surprised?…I’m not….Barack Obama says he believes same sex couples should be able to marry. Fine. So do I. Does his faux endorsement (even GAWKER called it bulls**t!) make a difference to me? Absolutely not. Yes, your gay author could not care less. Makes no difference in my life. Of course that could be because no one has or ever will be interested in asking me to marry him!…Ha!….That’s another story for another time!

Let’s face it. Trying to convince many Americans the fact that a gay couple can get married will have no effect on them whatsoever….unless, of course, it involves friends or family…is no easy task. That being said, I don’t believe it requires the federal government to step in and attempt to legislate attitude. Discrimination in the workplace, the military, and the like…Definitely! However, with this issue so emotionally based and personal, I just don’t see how government intervention or dictation is the solution. To many in the gay community this is a defining concern. At the risk of scorn and derision, they fail to realize you can’t force individuals to “accept” you. It has to be something they WANT to do.

Attitudes are changing. Slowly, but surely. I believe most Americans have the same reaction to a gay person similar to the title of this piece…”that’s nice..” Of course, there will always be exceptions. You’re going to encounter that in every aspect of life. But, by and large, it’s no big deal. Gay people have the same everyday concerns as everyone else. Jobs, their financial future, family. Will we see or have we seen President Obama direct his efforts in a positive manner regarding those concerns? Hell no! I just hope my fellow gay Americans realize this announcement is just one more item on this President’s laundry list of pandering for a second term. He hopes for nothing more than political gain from it. Period.

Barack Obama does not have the best interest of the American people at heart no matter what their sexual orientation. He’s an opportunist first and foremost. No doubt we can expect further attempts on his part to take what he can get out of the “topic of the week”.


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