The Obscene and Absurd in California

“I had nothing to do with this…it’s the people’s fault…”

In case you didn’t already know, California is a mess…

I saw the latest story about how their budget shortfall is worse than they thought (isn’t it always like that?). Projected at $16 billion…BILLION!

What really struck me was Governor Jerry Brown’s assertion that serious cuts will be necessary “if the voters FAIL to approve tax increases in November…” Did you get that?…IF THE VOTERS FAIL…

The stupidity of that remark nearly floored me! Governor Brown, the voters will not FAIL in this matter! YOU HAVE FAILED! THE CALIFORNIA LEGISLATURE HAS FAILED! THE STATE GOVERNMENT IN CALIFORNIA HAS FAILED!

This state has millions and millions of dollars in unfunded liabilities….i.e. unions….it undoubtedly wastes millions of dollars on various giveaway social programs that are ripe with fraud! It’s absolutely moronic for the governor to proclaim it’s the fault of the voters if this melee of a mess is allowed to continue! Yet this seems to be the template nation wide. Services will be cut….this will suffer…that will suffer…and it’s all the fault of the voters..or the voters that actually PAY taxes!

It’s never due to waste…government duplication of programs…frivolous spending…absurd funding of government employee health and retirement programs…no it’s never any of that! It’s all due to those cheap, irresponsible taxpayers! They will not surrender more money to the state! THAT’S THE REAL CAUSE!

This sort of thinking has placed this nation in the financial fiasco we see playing out all across the country. Yet, anyone who offers a sensible solution to reduce spending is publicly crucified and vilified by the media.

We can only hope that common sense prevails this November, with the removal of Barack Obama from office. With the dire straits the country faces, the solution will be to start at the top and rid ourselves of those who have far too long managed to justify their existence upon the efforts of others.




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