Monday Mayhem and TV Time!

I’m wondering if Barack Obama ever has the thought, “Damn…what have I done?…this is not how it’s supposed to be!..things are really f**ked up!”….Nahhh…probably not….more than likely, as far as he’s concerned, things are EXACTLY how they’re supposed to be!

“Hmmm…this sh*t ain’t workin’ out….gotta come up with some new strategy…someone..or something new to blame…”

Unfortunately, millions of American voters will probably fail to realize how this “do nothing” President has orchestrated a gigantic scam for the past three plus years when they enter the voting booth. Nevertheless, there’s some good stuff out there this morning!

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), not one to shy away from telling it like it is, slammed Mr. Obama as “the most divisive figure in modern American history”. ( MARCO RUBIO SLAMS PRESIDENT OBAMA AT SOUTH CAROLINA FUNDRAISER – The Daily Caller) He’s right. President Obama has based his re-election campaign and excused his term in office by pitting American against American…blaming this group for that group’s woes…and wallowing in fear mongering and pure fabrication to warrant another four years in office.

Whoa! Where did THIS come from?….Former CNN host, Campbell Brown, took it to the President in an opinion piece in. (OBAMA: STOP CONDESCENDING TO WOMEN!)…of all places!…The New York Times!….Condescension, fake praise, tired…just a few descriptive words used referring to Mr. Obama’s recent speech at the Barnard graduation ceremony. This, again, points to what Sen. Rubio refers to. The President used the occasion to pander to women voters. Brown’s piece calls the Obama campaign’s fictional “Julia” ” a silly and embarrassing caricature based on the assumption that women look to government at every meaningful phase of their lives for help.” Right on target!!

Absolutely LOVE this piece from The American Dream blog…one of my favorite daily go-tos!…Some great points to ponder, considering the direction in which this country is currently heading. Some local radio p. s. announcements I’ve heard advise listeners to be prepared for natural disasters….of course, you could read other events into that, as well!…because government help and the like may not be able to get to you for several days. Do you think most Americans heed this advice?..I’d say that’s a big NO!…..So we have THE TOP 50 EXCUSES FOR NOT PREPPING

a couple of examples:

9. “Wal-Mart Will Always Be There”

20. “Prepping Is For Crazy People”

I ESPECIALLY love this one:

47. “If There Really Was A Good Reason To Prepare They Would Tell Us About It On The News”

THAT says it all right there!….

Check out the others at the link!



Hugh Laurie

Fox’s House (8 ET/PT) ends its series run with a one-hour retrospective followed by one last medical mystery.

The series has run long past its best years (and its best ensemble), but it deserves credit for ushering in an era of strong dramas at Fox and for introducing America to a great and now much-copied character.

Perhaps best of all, it gave us a chance to spend an hour each week with Hugh Laurie, in an indelible, career-changing performance.

Bacharach (l) and David

Burt Bacharach and Hal David receive the Library of Congress’ Gershwin Prize for Popular Song at a specialIn Performance at the White House (PBS, 9 ET/PT, times may vary).

Those performing include Stevie WonderSheryl Crow,Mike MyersLyle Lovett and Michael Feinstein.

• Fans of the G4 series American Ninja Warrior (NBC, 9 ET/PT), take note. It’s moving to NBC tonight for the Southwest Regional Finals.

• ABC’s The Bachelorette (9 ET/PT) goes husband-hunting in a two-hour special tonight, bringing her two hours closer to, well, probably nothing.

But you never know. Well, yeah, you sort of do.


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