Graduation 2012



I had the good fortune of attending my niece’s graduation from high school this weekend. I can’t believe it! It literally seems like yesterday when she arrived home from the hospital!

The ceremony was a great experience and the proud family members filling the arena are testament to the hope that all is not lost in this country. There are still those who aim to achieve and they have a support structure to help them attain their goals in life. These are the resilient…the determined. They don’t approach the future with the belief that their student loan will be forgiven, their mortgage will be paid off by the government, and it’s the government’s responsibility to provide for their healthcare.

President Barack Obama and the Democrats have fostered an atmosphere in this nation to that effect. Their constant reinforcement of THOSE expectations instead of self reliance have led us to what is predominant in American society today.

This fall’s election will be the first time my niece will cast a vote. Her family’s love and support have instilled in her the hope for the future. And I believe she realizes four more years of Barack Obama is NOT the foundation on which she wishes to build. My hope for millions of other graduates is their realization of the same!





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