Rational thought and Common sense prevail in Wisconsin!



Undoubtedly, you’re aware that Wisconsin’s Governor Scott Walker survived Tuesday’s recall election. He survived more than that, actually. He survived the vicious attacks, the hysterics, and the doom and gloom…all of which was union instigated. The most important point to take away from his victory is the pilfering and the hostage taking of the American taxpayer is seeing its days numbered. His appeal to the voters of Wisconsin was the status quo simply could not continue. The demands of the public sector unions could not and would not be met. Period. The fact that the money was not there took a back seat to the fact that it just was not right to expect the taxpayers to continue to foot a bill which increased with no end in sight. Like the rest of the country, a shrinking work force cannot be expected to pay in perpetuity for a growing number of those NOT working! It’s basic math and not that hard to understand.

Of course, the unions wanted no part of this! You saw the ugly faces and the ugly tactics in last year’s protests. It’s obvious they did themselves no favors in the eyes of the voting public. Bitterness accompanied with violence is not pretty. No matter how noble you think your goal is. Governor Walker was called everything from Adolf Hitler to the son of satan. Only for doing what he was elected to do…and being the adult in this matter. The liberal pundits and media launched their usual tirade of clever and cliched remarks…a prominent tactic in their playbook. Facts won the day. Of course, that does not matter to them. What does matter is their cherished ideal, never mind how far removed from reality it is.

It was pointed out yesterday in a media piece, that the country has never been more divided when it comes to politics and the visions for our future. This may be true. On one side you have those that are responsible, practical, and realistic. The other side prefers to wallow in resentment, anger, and their perception that the aforementioned are ignorant and hateful. Yesterday’s results are hopefully an indication of the November elections. In the meantime, you can expect more of that resentment and anger.


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