The continuing saga of Profiles in Lunacy! (Updated!)

The recall election in Wisconsin has yielded some real doozies!….

“I think the sad story of the night was the money because this is the beginning of the undermining of American democracy, and this is what you see tonight when you see a guy outspend somebody seven to one with money that nobody knows where it came from…”

Former DNC chair and perpetual moron, Howard Dean, on …where else?…MSNBC….

“Well, I hope that we can get away from divisiveness, but as Billy Joel sang, we didn’t start the fire. The actions of Governor Walker in pursuing a very extreme, hard-right-wing divisive agenda really set the stage for this.”

Former V.P. and irrelevant idiot, Al Gore on the little watched Current TV…

“In 2010, we did not lose the House to House Republicans,.. “We lost it to Karl Rove and the Koch brothers. In 2012, we did not lose the Wisconsin recall to Gov. Walker, we lost it to an 8-to-1 spending differential, most from out of the state…”

The ever so mindless Rep Steve Israel (D-NY) at ‘The Hill’….

“We’ve Got to Expose the Evildoers..”

DNC communications director Brad Woodhouse, as reported by ‘The Weekly Standard’…I guess that’s the best description he could come up with…

Whatever makes you feel better, gentlemen…just keep telling yourself that….

And we’re expected to compromise with these idiots!…Can someone explain how that is done when you’re dealing with individuals completely devoid of any grasp of reality?….


How could I leave out comments from the mind numbing and mindless Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)?…..

“Really, we have to look to the future and say, ‘We have to take back our democracy,… ”This is a government of the plutocracy, of the wealthy, or of the few — oligarchy. That is not what our founders sacrificed their life, liberty and personal freedom for. This is something else. And nothing less is at stake in this debate than our democracy — where the voice and the vote of the many determine elections, not the check books of the very, very few.”

Apparently Rep. Pelosi thinks the people of Wisconsin are not capable of making up their own minds….umm…Nancy, that would be more applicable to YOUR supporters!….

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