Some Advice, Do’s & Don’ts for a Romney Administration

With the disaster that’s been the Obama Administration, you’d think figuring this thing out would not be that hard. Then again, we’re talking about the insular world of Washington politics, government, and the massive, omnipresent entity it is.

President Obama took an unprecedented opportunity in 2008 and turned it into a national nightmare. Idealism over practicalities, arrogance over empathy, and playing the role of instigator over mediator. Should Mitt Romney prevail in November, I don’t see him following the same path. With the laundry list of flubs, missteps, screw ups, and down right stupidity that have defined the current Administration, he should have no problem figuring out what NOT to do!

A central point to consider for his team would be that many Americans are generally stupid….or maybe ignorant would be a better choice of words. They are not practical and react with emotion rather than common sense in almost every scenario. Of course, that’s human nature. After all, we’re not a planet like ‘Vulcan’…populated by the likes of ‘Mr. Spock’. Be that as it may, it should come as no surprise how most Americans will perceive every action taken by a new Administration. It’s gonna be ugly. They will scream, whine, bellyache on top of claims that go so far as said action will actually kill them. That brings me to a second consideration. A Romney administration must know…has to know…that the media will do absolutely everything in its power to perpetuate the “myth”, if you will. They cannot and will not report the truth. No matter how obvious it is. If Mitt Romney surrounds himself with those that are aware of this, all the better. His administration should employ an army of representatives and officials whose only job is to counter the lies set forth by the media and the political opposition. And with the culture we have today, those folks will not be lacking for work. When some Representative or Senator stands before the microphones and makes some outlandish, idiotic remark, call them on it! To their face! Call a lie a lie! There should be no place for decorum or professional courtesy. Obviously the individual making the remark sees no place for it. CALL STUPIDITY STUPIDITY!

A Romney administration should also consider going over the federal budget with a fine tooth comb. It’s a daunting task, but should be a central focus. Include the Fed, also! The billions and billions of dollars wasted by the federal government cannot continue unchecked. If it requires looking at every expenditure, every program, every outlay, DO IT! It should be made clear, with no room for misunderstanding, that every department is expected to operate within their budget…a REAL budget! And a reduction in the amount of increased spending should not be considered a CUT! It’s ridiculous! We simply DO NOT HAVE THE MONEY! What is so hard to grasp about that?!!

Push aside the so called “social issues”!….Oh, what a mess! The rule of thumb should be “we don’t care what you do or with whom…but don’t expect the federal government, i.e. the taxpayers, to fork over the dough!” That’s it!…All that needs to be said. Of course every single organization out there will press the administration to take their side on the issue and will threaten withholding support should they not. My answer would be “fine..that’s your choice…but we’re not giving in to political blackmail!” Because that’s what it is…the administration would be wise to come out publicly with a statement like that. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the opposing sides on gay marriage, abortion, what have you, are NEVER, EVER going to convince the other side of the validity of their point. It just is not going to happen! An administration that wades into these sorts of issues will find themselves in a political quagmire in no time. The federal government has no business attempting to legislate morals or behavior. It’s not practical and it frequently fails in any attempt to do so. Most Americans are more concerned with other matters than whether two men or two women are sleeping together a few blocks over, or if they want to get married….or if some senior in college can’t afford birth control! I mean, GET REAL! And any party attempting to paint a picture of these individuals as victims should be exposed as the opportunist they are!

A Romney administration should make an all out effort in reaching out to the business community in this country and asking what can be done to make things easier…make things work again. A major mistake of President Obama is/was that he surrounded himself with theorists and academics. People without any “real world” experience. Their influence has yielded the disastrous economy you see today. Their primary goal was oversight and punishment. Investment and expansion was hindered and uncertainty did untold damage. I don’t see a “President Romney” subscribing to this school of thought.

President Obama seems to thrive on pitting American against American. Attempting to shift blame from one group or another…that one group’s misfortunes are due to the actions of another group. His hope is to accumulate support from various segments and parlay that into four more years. Rather than encourage individuals, Mr. Obama excuses individuals for their choices…their irresponsibility. I seriously doubt Mr. Romney sees it that way. It’s been said before and will forever be true…when it comes down to it, YOU are ultimately responsible for YOUR life! No one else!…YOU!….

A Romney administration will have a tough time weaning millions of Americans who turn to the federal government for their very existence. Sure, there are difficult circumstances. But allowing it to continue in perpetuity rewards behavior rather than fostering effort and ingenuity. This will be difficult, if not nearly impossible to enforce. And those that have made it their life’s calling to “speak for those with no voice” will stop at nothing to stop the yoke of personal responsibility from being placed upon those individuals.

A Romney win in November, if it does happen, will not likely be by a substantial amount. Simply because there are millions of Americans believe the lies of Barack Obama and the Democrats. They are hopelessly lost to an existence based on common sense. However, there are also millions of Americans who know we cannot continue down the road Barack Obama follows. We just can’t. It’s not real, it’s not practical, and it will lead to a fiscal demise many in this country cannot fathom.

Most Americans are caring individuals. They help neighbors and friends. They’re decent and hard working. President Obama seems to go out of his way to incite feelings of anger and despair aimed at often non existent enemies. I think most Americans are simply tired of that. They know that four more years of this President will change nothing and will likely make matters worse. Mitt Romney offers and alternative to that. Certainly, he’s not what everyone wants. And he will have a huge task in front of him. However, we cannot afford more of Barack Obama’s platitudes, lies, arrogance, ineptitude and all that those encompass. We simply cannot.

It’s time for the adults to grasp the situation. And a ‘President Romney’ can provide us with a chance to do just that!


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