We’re surrounded!

Is it just me, or is idiocy a pandemic in today’s world?…I decided to deviate slightly from my usual focus on current events, though this could be considered relevant. Especially when looked at as part of an explanation of the mind of today’s voter.

Here in Atlanta, crime is not necessarily rampant….just a given. It’s expected…almost accepted.

I follow The Buckhead Patch online….a neighborhood/area newspaper/website. It’s good for keeping up on relevant matters to this part of the city. Much better than the Atlanta Urinal and Constipation. There’s a police & fire section that focuses on crime stats, etc. A recent article on vehicle break ins caught my attention. Not necessarily the subject matter, but the specifics…Check out what’s being left inside these vehicles!….I mean, WTF were these people thinking?!!!!

“On June 6 a victim reported that his 2002 Cadillac Escalade had been entered and several items had been stolen, including $2200 in cash, four hub caps and a gold necklace…”

“While parked at the YMCA on the evening of June 7, a victim reported she had left her wallet sitting in the floorboard of her vehicle while she was inside the building. Upon returning, the door handle of the vehicle was damaged and the wallet was gone…”

“In the early afternoon of June 9, a victim reported that his 2011 Ford F150 had been broken into and one camera, a Coach purse and two credit cards were stolen.”

” On June 3 a victim reported that the back window of his vehicle had been broken out while parked at his residence. A work laptop had been taken, along with other items. His child, apparently hearing the crime taking place, woke him up in the early hours of the morning but the victim said he thought nothing of it at the time..”

“On the night of June 8 a victim’s vehicle was broken into and a suitcase full of knives taken along with an IPad and other items.”

“On the morning of June 3, a security guard reported seeing a male wearing gloves pulling on various car door handles. The suspect then entered a vehicle that had been left unsecured. ”

This sort of stuff is sheer lunacy. Leaving valuables in your car is yet another example of ridiculously mindless many of us have become. Very few individuals in today’s world actually take the time to stop and think…”Hey..you know…maybe this is not such a good idea…”

I realize situational awareness deficiency is a SERIOUS problem in today’s society. I suppose common sense deficiency runs a close second!


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