For those of you outside of Atlanta and Georgia, this was a MAJOR victory for the taxpayers! It can be heralded as such across the country. Not to bore you with details, but basically the voters rejected a 1 penny ADDITIONAL sales tax to fund transportation infrastructure in the region. As you may well know, Atlanta traffic can be a logistical or night. However, government officials, along with major corporate and state backers could not convince the voters to entrust them with the over $8 BILLION it was said the tax would raise over a 10 year period..Imagine that!…A lack of trust in government officials and bureaucrats! Fortunately, common sense prevailed. A vague, poorly constructed plan also led to the referendum’s defeat. Many regional governments were not exactly sure WHAT they would do with the additional tax dollars. One thing most who voted against it could agree on..after 10 years, it’s doubtful we would have seen much difference in Atlanta traffic and it would have been money completely wasted. Something many Georgia officials are quite adept at! Those that orchestrated the tax and the way it was presented to the voters basically lied to us. The wording on the BALLOT read as if it was a campaign advertisement…claiming to “create jobs” and “reduce traffic congestion”! This wording was ON THE BALLOT! Hopefully this sort of dishonesty will be continued to brought to the attention of the public eye. The Secretary of State’s office should be ashamed of their actions in this matter!
In the end, most Georgians stood up and said “NO!” They’ve come to realize government cannot continue to operate in the manner it has been for far too long. Let’s hope such sentiment continues in November with a repudiation of Barack Obama and his failed policies!




T-SPLOST - Defeated in landslide!

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