The REAL threat!…

Starring the man of the hour…and some of his friends….


Yes, it’s true…WE are representative of the BIGGEST threat to this nation since the cold war….

“Yes…it’s true..Nancy and I are two of the most partisan, shameless, and spineless leaders..for lack of a better word..the Congress of the United States has ever seen..

“Harry and I will continue to do what we can to hinder real job growth…real deficit reduction..and anything else which would result in REAL economic prosperity in this country..that’s what we do here…we have no intention of forming substantive solutions…our efforts are centered on continually lying to the American people every chance we can…that’s who we are…”

“As I’ve said many times before…we’re not interested in turning this nation’s economy around…that would be a threat to our existence here in government…our purpose is to continue a smokescreen of lies and deceit…we have to continue to convince stupid voters we actually are here for their benefit…when what we actually want to do is to maintain our role of handing out benefits…we have no interest whatsoever in returning people to work…none at all…”

A gathering of the Legion of Doom….

“As long as I can continue to put the lies out there that Mitt Romney hasn’t paid taxes, I will continue to do so…never mind that the Senate has not approved a budget in over 1000 days…never mind that all of this is pure fabrication….I have to do SOMETHING…ANYTHING…to deflect from this President and the Democrat party’s miserable failure when it comes to the economy…I learned many years ago that lying to the American people will help ensure my time here in government…that’s all that really matters to me…and to most of us here in Washington…”



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