This is a tough one….

I don’t like being in the middle….stuck in the middle. But…that’s where I am on this latest national distraction….because, that’s what it is…a distraction…(enjoy it while it lasts, Mr. Obama!)..the Chick-fil-a vs gay rights advocates storm. That being said, I’ve never felt I’ve been denied a right other Americans have. But, as a gay American, I can relate and support the right to marry whoever I please.

I was/am fortunate in that my sexual orientation was/is never an issue with friends, family, socially, or professionally. I know that is the exception rather than the rule for many. And to those wondering, it is NOT something an individual just decides…whether he or she will admit it…it just is…and it was always that way. As it is for millions of Americans, gay or straight, every day life is experienced without a lot hoopla and uproar. You work, you enjoy friends and family, you’re frustrated at times…you laugh…you cry…you enjoy pursuits and deal with tasks…all without much attention. It’s the way it just is.

I’ve never made an issue of  being gay…I’ve never felt I had to. It’s just part of who I am…NOT everything I am. And I believe most people accept that. Of course, there are exceptions. And you’re seeing them at the forefront of this entire “controversy”. I LIKE Chick-fil-a! I have for many years…and I don’t want to give that up. If you’re from the south, the company’s fundamentalist leanings have never been a secret. And I’ve never felt unwelcome or felt “hate” from walking into a restaurant or drive thru. It’s been noted the company contributes to “anti-gay” organizations. I don’t like to see that, but I suppose it’s their prerogative. And yes, you could say I am indirectly contributing to such organizations. Hopefully, my contributions to HRC (Human Rights Campaign) counter that.

I seriously doubt the owners of Chick-fil-a start out each day with a priority given to countering homosexuals. If that were the case, the company would not be the success it is. Of course, the smart thing Dan Cathy should have done would have been to note that what individuals do in their private life is their business and that his business’s stand on Christian values is no secret. Publicly condemning part of your customer base is not a wise move.

That brings me to the advocates for a boycott and the hysterics that have ensued. Chick-fil-a’s owners expressed an opinion. The right to do so cannot be denied. Reacting with threats ranging from bombings to local governments denying permits (coming from duly elected MAYORS, no less!) is not exactly the way to build good PR for your efforts, either. If you don’t want to patronize Chick-fil-a, then don’t. Unfortunately, the more radical elements of the opposition have taken over and their “you have no choice but to accept me” attitude doesn’t win a lot of friends. Changing the minds of those deeply rooted in the cause on both sides is practically impossible. Unfortunately, for gay Americans who have seen growing “acceptance” of marriage between two men or two women in recent years, this flare up may lead to more harm than good. Dan Cathy is entitled to his views. Gay Americans are entitled to theirs. But once one side or the other attempts to restrict that “entitlement” through government…well, that’s a whole SCARY, new situation. I think that’s something that should frighten EVERY American…gay or straight!

Now,…a chicken biscuit sounds good right about now….maybe there will be some kissing going on…

More reading:

CHICK-FIL-A AND THE TOTALITARIAN TEMPTATION – Deroy Murdock @ National Review Online




No matter where you stand on this “issue”…..THIS MAN…



is a BIGGER threat to your future than ANYTHING Dan Cathy or two gay men or women do!….THINK ABOUT IT!


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