Two for Tuesday, plus a TV bonus!

A couple of interesting pieces today…..

Have you noticed how most pictures of President Obama show a man who seems…well…pretty miserable?…I suppose with as confrontational as his Presidency has been, it’s to be expected. That being said, he does not offer the slightest bit of consideration for his actions and their consequences in the real world….

National Review’s Victor Davis Hanson offers a great critique. The final line sums it up perfectly…

With President Obama there is neither a reality or a standard, just words that so often have no connection to the real world, past or present.”

You can read more here:

OBAMA IN NEVER-NEVER LAND … A slavish regard for truth is no match for inspired mythology


The guys at The End of the American Dream blog have a spot on take about what we’re rapidly becoming in this country. The horrible shootings in Wisconsin this past weekend are further evidence that the nation many of us grew up in may be lost forever.

Do you remember when America was a place where you could attend a public gathering without having to worry if a sociopath was going to set off a bomb or start wildly shooting people?…”

Read more here:


Completely Surrounded By Psychopaths & Sociopaths As We Approach the Edge of Societal Collapse




TCM‘s Summer Under the Stars continues with a salute to the first black man to win a best-actor Oscar, Sidney Poitier.

TCM isn’t showing the film that won him that award,Lilies of the Field, but it does have two of his best in prime time: A Raisin in the Sun (8 ET/5 PT) and To Sir, With Love (10:15 ET/7:15 PT).

Poor Dinozzo. It’s bad enough he has to suffer through an encounter with his ex-fiancée (Entourage‘s Perrey Reeves) on this repeat of TV’s most popular scripted show, NCIS (CBS, 8 ET/PT).

What’s worse, he has to work with her to solve a murder connected to a secret society of real-life superheroes. Don’t you hate when that happens?

•Elsewhere on the strained-visit front, Mike has to deal with his dad (Robert Forster) in ABC’s Last Man Standing (8:30 ET/PT).

Forster, of course, is always a welcome presence; Dad, apparently not so much.

•The only new scripted outing on the broadcast networks tonight comes from CW’s Canadian import The L.A. Complex (9 ET/PT).

We have enough mediocre teen soaps of our own — the last thing we need is to borrow some from other countries.



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