It just doesn’t make sense!….

Of course, there’s a LOT in today’s world that doesn’t. Unfortunately, the volume of such is increasing at an uncontrollable rate, as well.

I scan the news headlines daily…different sources..left, right, in between…

I saw this headline on Yahoo! (their political leanings are quite obvious, btw): POLL: RACE FOR WHITE HOUSE REMAINS TIGHT IN 3 KEY STATES






Why is that?…And who says these states are “key”? The former being the more important question. With Barack Obama’s record out there in plain sight, why would ANYONE have even the slightest consideration to giving this dangerous, disastrous man ANOTHER  four years in the White House?…WHY?.. I suppose if you’re dependent upon government for just about every aspect of your existence, you could easily be swayed to place your confidence in him. That being said, you are also sadly blind to the fact that this nation CANNOT continue as it has under his stewardship. A society CANNOT continue to increase the number of those dependent on entitlements when there are fewer and fewer working to support the dependency class. At least not the society most of us want to live in. Yet the stories are out there that millions of American voters are apparently content to maintain the direction in which we’re headed…never mind that it will lead to a result few have even the slightest inkling as to what it would be like.

The case for Mitt Romney is not the strongest the Republicans have had. But, I fault that to the establishment’s failure to hammer home the complete and utter disgrace that describes the Obama presidency, as well as Romney’s apparent reluctance to passionately make his message. He should be out there day after day after day telling Americans to look around them. Asking them if THIS is the future they want for themselves and their children. It simply CANNOT continue or the United States is doomed to societal collapse. Period. That’s just the harsh reality of it. Barack Obama is hell bent on the massive growth of government, which is ironic. Ironic because the government in its growth is destroying the source of its power. That’s YOU and ME! The government is at odds…or at war…with the private sector and President Obama is doing everything he can, whether through policy or the less used actual implementation of law, to win that war. His ideology of a government directed economy, while continuing the promise of government awarded sustenance should be enough to frighten every clear thinking American. Apparently it isn’t. Mr. Obama knows there are enough out there in dire straits that his false promise and lies is enough for them to believe in him. He has also managed to deride his opposition as racist, evil, and countless other completely inaccurate adjectives.

This entire scenario can discourage anyone. Hopefully, there are enough of us out there to put a stop to this…at least temporarily. It should be the first and foremost concern of EVERY SINGLE, LEVEL HEADED American. It affects EVERY life…EVERY business. If Barack Obama is granted a second term, the damage  inflicted upon the United States of America will be practically irreversible!





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