It has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?….

I have to applaud Mitt Romney taking the bold step of choosing Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) as his running mate. Ryan is a fighter, a realist, plus, no doubt he has no problem taking it to President Obama. Witness the way he made mincemeat of this President during that ridiculous meeting on healthcare during the early days of Mr. Obama’s administration. He had the guts to point out what a DISASTER Obamacare is!

Ryan will no doubt be the target of Democrats who view him as a threat. A threat because he ACTUALLY proposes SERIOUS answers to SERIOUS problems this nation faces. That sort of conviction simply does not exist in today’s Democrat party. It just doesn’t. And Ryan would do well to point that out!

I’m sure the Republican establishment was a bit surprised by Romney’s choice. Their preference would likely have been someone bland…like Tim Pawlenty or John Huntsman (who, btw, is rumored to be a speaker at the Democrat’s convention!.What’s up with that?). Rush Limbaugh nailed it on his radio program yesterday:

“Republicans are saying, ‘You’d better not pick Paul Ryan.’ You know why? The budget. They think Paul Ryan is an instant target on Medicare because Ryan is one of the few politicians in Washington to ever propose something to actually fix the problem.”

He’s EXACTLY right! Ryan is going to bring to the forefront the fact that the Democrats have IGNORED the spending problem this nation faces. In fact, Ryan and Sen Jeff Sessions (R-AL) pointed it out with no holds barred:

“Senate Majority Leader Reid and his Democrat conference will have gone an unprecedented 1,200 days without adopting a budget plan as required by law. Not only have they failed to adopt a budget, but with America under threat of financial calamity, they have refused to even present a plan for public scrutiny.”

 1200 DAYS!!!!!!
The Democrats know there’s absolutely no way they can “face the music” in an election year. No way. They simply opted for political cowardice.
I think what I am looking forward to will be the Vice Presidential debates. I mean, can you imagine?…Ryan will absolutely DEMOLISH that buffoon, Joe Biden! A man on top of is game like Ryan will literally make MORE of an embarrassment out of Biden than he already is..if that’s possible!
Romney – Ryan should make this an interesting contest, to say the least. The Romney campaign could use a boost  after a down week. At least it was a down week, as portrayed by the media. For what THAT’S worth.
Barack Obama and his administration are real, viable THREATS to the economic and social survival of this country. And Paul Ryan is an excellent choice by the Romney campaign in pointing that out EVERY SINGLE DAY prior to November 6!

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