‘There’s really no difference..’…”Oh really?”

I gotta say…this entire process has been exhausting…to say the least. The Obama administration and their assault on everything from healthcare to energy to national defense….and the seemingly never ending Republican primaries…which brought a whole new definition to the ugly side of politics.

That being said, I’m beginning to notice stories popping up here and there…well, more like opinion pieces…on the assertion that, when you come down to it, there’s no difference between government under Barack Obama and the potential for a Romney presidency. I’m not so sure. Of course, day to day life for most…not all..Americans may not change much. BUT!…and this is a BIG BUT!…With the divisiveness and despair that have characterized the Obama years, I find it very hard to believe Mitt Romney does not view his time in the White House as a golden opportunity to remove the hindrances Barack Obama has placed on the American economy. He HAS to realize Barack Obama’s focus has been on redistribution while limiting what there is to redistribute.That simply is not sustainable and he knows it. Perhaps a ‘President Romney’ would tell the hard truth to millions of Americans that the federal government cannot continue to cater to their every need..every whim..every notion that they assert. The focus needs to be on revamping the economy to provide opportunity to those millions. Opportunity Barack Obama has gutted by demonizing nearly every element of the private sector since he took office.

I also refuse to believe Mitt Romney has the disdain Barack Obama has for the United States..the way he has always viewed the country. THAT is obvious day after day…on top of what Barack Obama has revealed in his memoirs. He was not raised to respect opportunity..effort..and diligence. He was raised and educated to focus on what he saw as ‘unfairness’ and ‘disparity’ derived from the actions of others…despite the FACT these actions were simply based upon hard work.

The cynical view that nothing will change likely finds it’s roots in the malaise of the past 3 to 4  years. There’s reluctance to accept the premise that those who want to tackle the real, hard problems we face are not all talk and no action. Unfortunately, the actions we face as a nation are not going to be pretty. And those resistant to what needs to be done are going scream bloody murder…literally, when you look at the tactics of the Obama campaign and their assertion that Mitt Romney “killed a woman”…and that embarrassment of a Vice President, Joe Biden, claiming a Romney win would result in chaining the population. I mean, come on! This is the stuff of fools and morons!

These are the practices of a sadly diminished and poorly run Presidency. The individuals Barack Obama surrounds himself with are about as far removed from real life in the real world as you can get. Their efforts are focused on how best to present a talking point wrapped in the most outlandish language they can dream up. They’re not focused on solutions or substantive ideas to FIX THE PROBLEM!

Personally, I think Mitt Romney made a wise decision in the choice of Paul Ryan as his running mate. I’ve made that point more than clear in previous postings. Nevertheless, you’re seeing the occasional piece out there describing Ryan as nothing more than another BIG GOVERNMENT conservative. Again, I have to go with my gut. I have no doubt Paul Ryan wants to turn things around. He believes it…he knows how to do it…and he will defend his position with a skill

that is far beyond ANYTHING the Democrats can come up with. They know that…and they’re scared. They’ve found an opponent in Ryan that is willing to fight and they DO NOT deal with an adversary who can articulate his position, despite the bullshit they throw at him.

So don’t tell me “there’s no difference”…this election sees a STARK difference! Ideologies are front and center. We can continue to reward Barack Obama and the Democrats, despite the FACTS that prove they are nothing more than thinly veiled opportunists who excel at scare tactics. Or we can take the chance that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan will seize the day and prove to the country they are willing to take on the difficulties that have been ignored and inflamed by Mr. Obama. The choice could NOT be clearer!


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