Taking stock…

Sundays are good days to sort of step back..see where things are…and get some focus..before returning to the weekday chaos. And that’s what Monday through Friday is for most in the modern world. Chaotic!

With the strife that seems amplified more than ever in the political campaign, I found myself taking a look at the big picture. Only to realize, there’s never been a time in our history as a nation..a society..where sensible approaches to solutions are relatively non existent..for most, anyway. I look at society, government..personal responsibility. All of it! It’s as if millions of Americans have literally forgotten how to think and how to reason. On top of that, there’s always an excuse or a forgiveness, if you will, for behavior..no matter what the consequences of said behavior are..or were.

The bitter campaign for President has never been more stark or more clear cut, as far as your choices. I look at President Obama and the opportunity he was given in 2008. I see divisiveness, frustration, and discouragement among many Americans. His indignant response to that has been to perpetrate more fraud..wrapped in arrogance. You would think ANYONE could take a look at the situation and realize, without a doubt, what a failure his policies have been and continuing them with a second term JUST DOES NOT MAKE SENSE! I suppose it’s not that easy for many. For reasons beyond my understanding, they’re willing to place their future and their faith in more empty promises and more division.

Who’s to say the Republican’s answer in Mitt Romney is the solution? However, Romney offers a CHANCE at something we were told we were getting under Barack Obama. Of course, forces will be constantly working against whatever effort Romney extends to turn things around. You can count on that! Whereas, Barack Obama’s failure as a leader is based purely upon bad policy and misguided choices. Again..you can look at the agenda of his administration in the past and you will more than likely think “you know…this may not be a good idea…” Apparently no one in the White House has that capability.

Anyone looking at the way the federal government and its monstrous bureaucracy operates SHOULD see it for what it is. An ever growing, out of control behemoth bent on limiting our choices and our decision making ability with each passing day. The sheer cost of it all to us as taxpayers SHOULD tell you it just is not sustainable.

Unfortunately, for us all, there are those in society whose sole function in life is to exercise some sort of control over yours. Directly or indirectly. And Barack Obama and his party have made that the cornerstone of their platform. All the while  doing what they can to convince you the opposition “wants you to die” or “keep you in chains”. I look at that sort of argument and I see nothing but sheer lunacy. I see no offer of solution or a serious approach to the problems we face as a society. You may not agree with what Romney and Ryan offer, but THEY realize the threats we face combined with a genuine attempt to meet those threats. Barack Obama and the Democrats do not! It’s just that simple.

Everyone’s situation is different and everyone’s approach to resolving their problems is different. It just seems like the magnitude of each situation is not clearly realized and the fact that decisions have consequences. Mr. Obama would prefer to tell you that YOU had nothing to do with it…that “rich guy” over there…”he did it!”…”He’s your problem!”…Far, far too many Americans believe that. And there numbers are growing. Those who have managed to avoid the hysterics, the focus to shift blame, and who have the disappearing ability to think clearly, are the minority.

It’s disheartening to see our continually distracted culture bombarded with worthless, trivial matters as the barbs are slung by the opposing political parties. We have major, major problems ranging from debt to crime that are receiving very little attention, as far as serious solutions. When someone offers a sincere, worthy approach to addressing an issue, it’s customarily torn apart by a vengeful media and self serving politicians. If you think about it, you should realize that THOSE two groups have it in their best interest for the problem to continue to worsen.

Come November 6, there should be no doubt..no hesitation on the part of the voters. We can continue the misery of the past several years..while little, if ANYTHING, is done to change things….OR we can have the common sense to realize we need a new direction..a renewed focus on what made this nation THE MOST PROSPEROUS ON THE PLANET. Barack Obama is counting on your desperation and your frustration to reward him with four more years of exacerbating the problem..instead of having the sense to put an end to his agenda of divisiveness.

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