“I object to intellect without discipline; I object to power without constructive purpose.” – Mr. Spock

Says a lot, doesn’t it?…Yep, everyone’s favorite ‘Vulcan’ kinda had it going on when it came to sensible thought. I would imagine ‘fascinating’ would be his reaction were he to watch the American political process unfold this election season.

And ‘fascinating’ not in a good way. ‘Fascinating’ in how much we’ve devolved into divisiveness…selfishness…and bitterness.

With everything literally swirling around the Republican National Convention this week, there’s been no shortage of …stupidity and more, from the media..the pundits and prognosticators. And a good bit of it lacks even a hint of civility. With tropical storm ‘Isaac’ making its presence known, the media was practically salivating at the possibility of a delayed start…or, better yet, a cancelled convention. There were plenty of stories about “the tone”…”the pall” over the festivities as the media DESPERATELY tried to link the gathering in Tampa to George Bush and Hurricane Katrina…7 YEARS AGO!….

It make me shake my head in disbelief..and sometimes disgust..as I watch the focus centered on the trivial…the inconsequential…ignoring the imperative and the vital. We have a nation of record unemployment under a single administration..record debt..and an economy struggling just to get on its feet. Yet we’re bombarded with stories about how Samuel L. Jackson was disappointed that the tropical storm didn’t lay waste to the Republicans in Tampa…how MSNBC’s premier MORON, Chris Matthews, labels every Republican a racist, and a parade of giant vaginas outside the convention center. Throw into the mix lunatic, Ellen Barkin’s wishing ‘death by hurricane’ on “the SOB’s” in Tampa and the irrelevant Rosanne Barr’s hoping Chick-fil-a customers get cancer, and seriousness has taken a back seat to immaturity and foolish antics.










What’s really absurd is idiots like those above are considered valid contributors to the conversation. Now THAT is scary! Nothing brings back a fading celebrity’s relevance like moronic comments on the national stage.

You can always count on out of bounds, senseless musings from the liberal ilk when it comes to proposals to tackle real, serious problems. Their answer to a conservative proposal: “That’s racist!..That’s hate speech!…You’re just a homophobe!…You just favoring the rich!”…Can they offer a solution?..Absolutely NOT! They would much prefer to demonize and deflect rather than face the reality. Therefore, nothing changes. Nothing changes until their role as an obstacle is diminished or removed. That appears to be the ONLY way to effect REAL change.

The Republicans will nominate Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan this week. They face a challenge ahead. Their opposition in Barack Obama and the Democrats will continue the campaign of divisiveness, vague lip service, and demeaning. We have not had this clear of a choice come November in many, many years. Romney/Ryan have stepped forward to say “here’s what we NEED to do..what we HAVE to do”. President Obama has no answers…no solutions. He knows that…the Democrats know that. The real question is whether the voters know that.



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