‘Love AND Respect’











Well, I managed to hang in there through the mostly mundane oratories last night at the Republican National Convention. There were some high points…Mia Love…Artur Davis…and then there were some snoozers. I’m talking to YOU, Gov.  Bob McDonnell(R-VA)!








I mean, the guy was about as exciting as a bowl of cream of wheat. And could he be any more…’white’?…Geez!…It’s ok..I’m allowed to say that!

Sorry…off track there…

At first, I thought it was odd that Mrs. Romney’s speech focused on ‘love’. Then Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) says to choose ‘respect’ over ‘love’…or something like that. That aside, I thought the two speeches were…ok. Ann Romney’s focus on family life and the commitment her husband is focused upon served well enough. I believe her. Undoubtedly, Mitt Romney would look at the Presidency as a job that must be done. An endeavor to turn things around with common sense that will include some unpleasant choices that MUST be made. Quite the contrast to Barack Obama’s vague lip service and refusal to face reality.

Chris Christie delivered the passionate address he’s known for. But, as pointed out by Byron York at The Washington Examiner, Christie isn’t that well suited for a “big set-piece speech”. Apparently, the RNC decided not to go for the “in your face” approach. And I have to DISAGREE on that! We NEED an “in your face” approach with Barack Obama and today’s Democrat party. We NEED someone to call b.s. when it’s SO obvious to EVERYONE involved! We NEED confrontation! I was SO hoping Christie would deliver that. Instead his message was peppered by numerous references to his experience in New Jersey. Granted, much of it could be applied to the national stage.

Fox Business Channel’s Neil Cavuto exclaimed,  “The Republican party has a rock star!” after the speech. I didn’t quite get that sense of things. Sure. He’s a powerful figure and a force to be reckoned with. But “rock stars” need to produce a hit now and then to remain popular. I just felt Christie, if it was actually up to him, could have done better. I wanted President Obama to be called out by NAME! I wanted the message to be that HE is NOT what this country needs! Perhaps Paul Ryan will deliver the “red meat” so many have been clamoring for tonight.

Some other reactions:

Katie Pavlich @ Townhall on Ann Romney: “Although Romney stayed away from a direct discussion of policy, she made a strong case for her husband based on principles he learned working in the private sector and as the governor of Massachusetts.”

Mary Katherine Ham @ Hot Air on Chris Christie: “The instant reaction to the speech from the Party of President Compelling Personal Narrative is this speech was too much about Christie himself. The parts about him were effective and necessary, since the opposition’s plan is to dehumanize him. To me, it was pretty obviously about the American people, putting faith in them, and asking them to trust their own strength in choosing tough truths over easy lies. ”

John Hinderaker @ Powerline: “Chris Christie blew the doors out!…That’s really all I have to say!..”

Caroline May @ The Daily Caller on Ann Romney: “She laid out the ways her husband’s success has helped others….the Presidential candidate’s wife concluded that the country can trust her husband.”

Robert Costa @ National Review: “He may be a You Tube sensation, best known for arguing with lefty hecklers, but Governor Chris Christie’s keynote speech late Tuesday was a temperate oration, forceful yet muted.”




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