Ready to KICK some ASS!

FINALLY!…some straight talk!…some ‘IN YOUR FACE’ truthfulness millions of Americans have been hoping for!

That arrived last night in Paul Ryan’s acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention. And I have to admit….much like Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI), I was nearly moved to tears as Ryan received his enthusiastic reception.


I’m sure the media will have a field day with that one! But, I don’t care. Here’s a guy in Ryan…bursting upon the national political scene from very humble beginnings…with a VERY REAL  chance of becoming Vice President of the United States. What a change that would be from the moronic embarrassment that is Joe Biden!

Ryan delivered a hum dinger of a speech! Calling President Obama out by name and without reservation. He put it bluntly to the national audience. He knows things are not supposed to be this way. This is NOT how the country should be! In Barack Obama and his LACK of leadership, we have a nation floundering…desperate for direction…for certainty. Mr. Obama and the Democrats would MUCH prefer THAT as the status quo, while securing their role as our ‘rescuers’..or ‘saviors’. Ryan REFUSES to belief THAT is what most Americans want. He knows recent college graduates don’t want to “live out their twenties in their childhood bedrooms looking up at fading Obama posters!” People want lives again! They want careers…futures. We do not see ANY of that in today’s Democrat party. Instead we get finger pointing, blame…and excuse after excuse after excuse.

I have absolutely no doubt Ryan and Romney will bring the fight to Barack Obama and the Democrats. And it’s gonna be nasty! Hell, it already IS nasty! Has been for months! The time has come for a stand to be made against the bullshit from this Administration…the lies…the wrangling…the underhandedness. The same goes for the media. Their BLATANT disregard for the truth should be called out time and time again. They have a vested interest in Barack Obama remaining in the White House. Anyone who doesn’t realize that is a blind fool!

The garbage we’ve put up with under Barack Obama must come to an end. The man and his party are a literal THREAT to the future of our country. In Paul Ryan, the Republicans have a fighter who is not afraid to lead the charge. I only hope they realize that. Truth trumps accommodation. And, as a nation, we can no longer afford to be accommodating to the Democrats. We simply cannot. They will continue their agenda of simply ignoring real problems combined with idiotic rhetoric to placate the voters. And that’s it! Ignore it and it’ll go away. That’s their motto. I refuse to believe most Americans subscribe to that!

Some observations of the speech from Twitter:

” Ryan really hit a home run. He made Obama seem old, out of date, obsolete. He turned the tables on his charisma..” – Dick Morris

“After an admittedly slow start, Paul Ryan built up to a booming crescendo. It was the rhetorical equivalent of Ravel’s Bolero. Great.” – S E Cupp

“Excellent speech from Paul Ryan. He is arguably the most consequential VP nominee in decades..” – Erick Erickson

“After Ryan’s speech, Biden’s sphincter is twitchier than a college kid who drank tap water in Mexico on spring break…” – Dennis Miller

“I imagine @BarackObama watching @RepPaulRyan while wringing his hands in a cold, frustrated sweat and begging Axel to tell him what to do…” – Kris V.

“RNC: Paul Ryan and Condi Rice. DNC: Joe Biden and Sandra Fluke. It almost isn’t fair…” – Razor

“This is red meat delivered well…” – Ari Fleischer





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