The choice could NOT be more clear!

It has to be absolutely, completely, and totally obvious to America that the differences between the Republicans with Mitt Romney and the Democrats with Barack Obama are crystal clear. Gov. Romney confirmed that with his acceptance speech last evening. It was sincere, forceful, hopeful, and determined. He did an excellent job of presenting himself to the American people and what he believes. He contrasted himself as a man with answers. Answers millions of Americans THOUGHT they would get from Barack Obama four years ago. Instead, we found ourselves with a BAD President, steeped in arrogance and division. A President with nothing more than slogans to offer for the next four years.

I think the Republicans showed a united front to the voters. An organization that says things do not have to be the way they are today. Their core belief of success can easily override the contentious, foolish premise of today’s Democrat party. A party more focused on trying to convince the voters the Republican party is inherently evil and selfish instead of focusing on SOLUTIONS so many Americans are looking for.

What we saw in Tampa was serious individuals offering practical, sensible solutions to REAL problems you face every day….


Chris Christie told how his strong sense of determination was what is needed to face the difficult fiscal decisions we have ahead….


Artur Davis made a strong point with his observation that most Americans don’t even recognize the country as its become under Barack Obama….


New Mexico’s Gov. Susana Martinez was a popular hit with her recollection of how common sense solutions offered by the Republicans were what she could relate to…not pandering and lies..


Paul Ryan appealed to what most Americans can relate to. His personalized story revealed more of a man who knows what he’s talking about when it comes to sensible solutions.


Florida’s Marco Rubio eloquently presented what it meant to him and his family being part of this country…

I think we’re left with a rock solid belief that these guys can turn things around. They KNOW it will not be easy. They KNOW they will have more than just POLITICAL opposition to EVERY SINGLE EFFORT they make get this country in the right direction again.

Next week, in Charlotte, the Democrats meet to validate Barack Obama and Joe Biden. Undoubtedly we can expect a gathering focused on nothing more than demonization of the opposition based NOT on fact…but on scare tactics..insinuation….and condescension…all mixed together with a big heapin’ helpin’ of media bias.

It should ALSO be obvious that Barack Obama has NOTHING….NOTHING …to tout as an accomplishment which generated popular appeal with the American people. Instead we  will see ‘a fluke’….a couple of weasels…and a couple of jokesters!

Sandra Fluke

Charlie Crist

That’s ALL they have to offer….sad…so sad….


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