Living the Litany of Lies that IS Barack Obama

Last week, in Tampa, we were told the truth. You can disagree on particulars and how it was presented. But you cannot deny what we, as a nation, know. Barack Obama is a failure. A failure with no remorse. No humility.

This week the Democrats get together in Charlotte. I read one story indicating the nomination vote would be unanimous. As if they were validating some communist party chairman. Hey! If the shoe fits….

You are going to be subjected to 3 days of garbage and lies. Three days of the blind leading the blind. The ignorant and the blissfully unconcerned. Speaking of concern, that’s what MOST Americans likely have as an initial reaction to this President. Especially the business community. Mitt Romney can restore confidence and some certainty to the marketplace. Barack Obama fosters UNCERTAINTY. It really is that simple!

What is there to celebrate about this President? Healthcare reform?…I don’t think so! ‘Obamacare’ is complex, costly, and will be poorly implemented. Immigration reform?..a waiver for the children if illegals is hardly a resolution. Granted, the Republicans have failed to offer their own, but Barack Obama, given the opportunity, would issue blanket amnesty if he could. Welfare reform? Give me a break! If you call making it easier to AVOID looking for work ‘welfare reform’, then Obama is your man! Energy reform?..No way! Restricting drilling…halting the Keystone pipeline…advancing Brazil’s efforts…that is not a recipe for energy independence! The same can be said for the millions wasted on so called ‘green energy’ efforts! It was money thrown away at the cost of the American taxpayer.

Barack Obama has virtually ignored ANY and ALL efforts to reduce the national debt. In fact, it will reach a new milestone this week, as Democrats heap praise on this DISASTER of a President. Unemployment reached record levels on his watch. So much for his ‘laser like focus on jobs’!

It’s so ridiculous!…It’s also so sad. The fact that millions in this nation are even CONSIDERING awarding this man with a second term is beyond imagination! They have turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to reality. Their collective heads have been in the sand for four years…probably longer!

Should he be elected, will Mitt Romney be able to turn things around?…Who knows?…It will not be easy. But, at least he brings a sense of moving back to a direction with a chance of success. Barack Obama does not. By any means! The Democrats in Congress have done absolutely NOTHING to address REAL problems. The Republicans have made an effort. Half hearted, maybe. But with the Democrats in charge of the Senate, (where Harry Reid (D-NV) has YET to allow a budget to be voted on) the chance of substantive reform is practically non existent.

“We don’t want to hear about your problems..We don’t see any problems…We don’t want to talk about your problems…we’re here to support Barack Obama…and that’s it!” you watch…or maybe I should say ‘WHY would you watch?’ the idiocy in Charlotte, think about what you see in your every day life. Nearly every American is or knows someone affected by the economic malaise President Obama has supported. You can believe the rhetoric spouted  or you can vote this fall to reflect that reality. Think about it!


689 REASONS TO DEFEAT BARACK OBAMA – National Review Online




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