What they’re REALLY saying in Charlotte – Special DNC edition!

There’s no way I could let the gathering of idiots in Charlotte pass without covering what the REAL message is! Speaker after speaker has paraded before the cameras…but, you’re not getting the TRUTH about what they’re saying. Fortunately, for you, I’ve taken care of that!


.”.Because..you see..there ain’t no way in hell a man like Barack Obama could be elected to ANY office in the state of Texas!…Fortunately, for him, there are enough idiots here..in this hall..and across the country that don’t have the sense to know better!…”

“Hey…Barack is a good father…a good husband…but he don’t know SHIT about being a good President!”

“Thank you!…I know you all appreciate that under my leadership, the Democratic party has become a divisive, freakin’ laughing stock!..I will continue to convey our message with more and more moronic statements and lies!…Thank you!”

“As if there’s not already enough hot air around here, I’m glad you all appreciate a worthless, fu*king blow hard like me!…I’ve managed to parlay that into a pretty good life…at taxpayer’s expense, mind you!”

“Just to remind you…I haven’t done a goddamned thing as the worthless, spineless weasly leader of the Majority  in the Senate…and I intend NEVER to change that…because, as a party, Democrats have no conviction…and no leadership ability..we’re opportunists and scavengers..and we promote that in American society…”

“Yes…as you can see my the graphic behind me, under my leadership in the House, we managed to pass the most costly, complex and worthless piece of legislation EVER crafted in the United States!…And I hope to continue my idiotic efforts to destroy this nation!”…

“I just want to..again..convey the message that the taxpayers should take care of all of my needs…housing..food..sex toys..rubbers…the good kind..not the cheap shit..because…I REEEEALLY don’t want to fu*k up my life with a kid…and I know the Democrats support this!”

“Now just because we don’t mention ‘God’…you can’t say we don’t believe in God..I mean most people in our party DO NOT..but..my point is..YOU can’t say that!..It’s true..but…you can’t say it..”

“I really don’t have a damned clue about where I came from…what I’m doing…or even what I’m saying, for that matter…but that should be enough to get enough votes from stupid people…which is what we, as Democrats, excel in!”

self explanatory….


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