A coalition of ignorance…



I happened to catch some of the remarks, over the past couple of days, from some of the delegates to the Democratic National Convention. I don’t know about you, but it was ASTOUNDING how great the level of ignorance…and plain STUPIDITY..was! Amazing! Questions about banning or limiting corporate profits were answered with “Sure!…I’m for that!”…or “Yeah..sounds good to me!”…Absolutely amazing how poorly educated..or completely moronic MOST of these people were. They are unable to grasp the concept of the free enterprise system in the least! Of course, their answers were likely influenced by whatever sounded cool at the time…AND THESE PEOPLE VOTE!

Taking a look around you, and you wonder “who the hell are THESE people?” How can they not come to understand what an absolute, utter DISASTER Barack Obama is?…And he wants MORE time to inflict MORE damage upon this country!

So…thought we’d take a look at the patchwork of Obama voters. Now..these people are not necessarily fond of each other…but, for some unknown reason, they are easily swayed to support a President who has fed them a diet of lies and promises…They haven’t even CONSIDERED a more practical alternative in Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. There’s no consideration to the nation as a whole..our future as a society. First and foremost are their fears and needs. And Barack Obama continues to masterly play upon that…to the detriment of the nation…..


“We’re voting for Barack Obama because he’s black…and that’s all that matters…”


“We’re voting for Barack Obama because he SAYS he’s for gay marriage…and that’s all that matters…”


“Estamos votando por Barack Obama porque va a agitar una varita mágica y somos ciudadanos .. sin hacer preguntas ..”


“We’re voting for Barack Obama because he will just forgive all of our student loans…and maybe some more stuff too..”

No explanation necessary on this one…


These are just some of the segments that lack even a shred of common sense….It really is frightening when you see what we’re up against. Romney and Ryan have a fight on their hands. If they lose…we ALL lose….






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