Back to Reality!

Following up on yesterday’s post, I’ve come to the conclusion that the factors in President Obama’s so called “improvement” in the polls are quite obvious. It doesn’t take a lot of figurin’….The administration’s economic pursuits and policies are a DISASTER!…His arrogance and condescension are on display ever day.

So much of conservative media focuses on the President with the “LOOK at this guy…look how stupid he looks in this setting…in this situation” approach. I suppose the determination is the American public will take notice and that will be the major factor in their consideration of a second term. Unfortunately, that’s not enough. Though it’s hard to win attention with reality and facts, it should be pointed out how detrimental a second term will be for Americans…how the malaise we’re suffering through will continue…if not worsen.

A headline focusing on Obama trying to use an iPhone is NOT of primary concern to millions of Americans. Their jobs…their families…THOSE sorts of things are what’s important. President Obama’s heritage…his education…though obvious factors when explaining who he is and how he perceives the world…are NOT of enough of a concern to voters when they walk into the voting booth.

Of course, the mainstream media MUCH prefers such trivialities gaining attention. Because it distracts..albeit momentarily…from what’s REALLY going on! The effort is also made to portray Mr. Obama as sympathetic to the voters worries. “He’s just like you!”…NOTHING could be further from the truth! Barack Obama has absolutely NO intention of working for an economic turn around in the United States! None! His administration is focused upon maintaining and even growing the dependency on government along with fostering resentment against the shrinking numbers of Americans who do not. Businesses in America are FRIGHTENED of Obama and his policies. He will promote regulation to the point where it’s hindrance on industry and finance far outweigh any usefulness of consumer protection. The time will come when businesses decide the risks..the regulations…the federal oversights are just too great.

Listening to the IDIOTIC attendees to the Democratic National Convention should have been enough proof of foolish and plain STUPID many Americans are about how business works. How profits are put to use and how their benefits are applied was COMPLETELY lost on these people.

I’m afraid Mitt Romney may be beginning to slip in his message. There seems to be a lack of fire and passion that we saw just 2 weeks ago. I’ve always thought the use of sarcasm is sorely lacking when a Republican is running for public office. Just once, I’d LOVE to hear a candidate respond to a STUPID question or one with an OBVIOUS answer, say “Are you FREAKING kidding me?”…”Look around you!”…”Look at what we’ve devolved to!”…”Instead you’re asking about something I did…or something that happened 25 years ago!”…”Your President is LYING TO YOU!….LYING!…He will not present you with the facts because he KNOWS the TRUTH will PROVE to you what a gigantic MESS he’s made of this nation…and how he wants to continue to do it!”….THAT is what I want to hear on the campaign trail!

Yet…I read more stuff about how gun sales have skyrocketed…about how Elizabeth Warren is a sham….and what an IDIOT Joe Biden is. I know all of this sort of creates a general message. But I’m afraid that message is getting lost on those that need to hear it the most. I understand the relevance. I also understand millions see no connection to it in their day to day lives. And their vote in November will be a determining factor.

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