Out on a limb…Common sense will lose in November

After a couple of days of back and forth..ups and downs…I’ve resigned myself to the strong possibility of President Obama winning a second term.

Ya’ll know the American people are to damned stupid..too scared..to do what they KNOW is right…they KNOW I’m out to ruin this nation..remove whatever little sense they have of themselves is left…and it’s the ULTIMATE irony that they will reward me with a second term…fear and ignorance will win out over common sense.”

Don’t get me wrong. Mr. Obama will not receive my vote. Under no circumstances is he worthy of such a trust. The same can be said of millions of other Americans. Unfortunately, we are outnumbered by the ignorant, the foolish, and the selfish. It is with such odds Mitt Romney cannot persuade enough voters out there Mr. Obama is the SINGLE GREATEST THREAT THIS NATION HAS FACED IN OVER 50 YEARS! It can’t be done. Mr. Romney’s message has not been delivered with the fervor that was so desperately called for. He has not conveyed the simple, hard facts that our nation cannot continue down the road of unbridled spending and the continued massive expansion of the welfare state. The sad part is Mr. Obama has managed to persuade voters that taxing the wealth of others is key to our recovery. He has managed to play upon ignorance to the point that there are enough Americans out there who believe what he says just because he says it. That seems to be enough for them.

For reasons I cannot fathom, our national media has been an eager and complicit partner in the web of lies perpetrated upon the American people by Barack Obama and the Democrats. They’ve turned a blind eye to exposing this sham. Partly to shore up their own image, I suppose, and partly to justify their existence…in some perverted fashion. In the future, we WILL pay dearly for this OBAMANATION! The shrinking numbers of risk takers, producers, and entrepreneurs will simply be unable to pay the bill. There will be no more money. The government will have taken every last dime of it. It WILL come to that, eventually! If there are any sensible and responsible citizens remaining, they will be able to look back to these days as the last serious attempt to halt, or at least impede, the economic collapse of the United States. They will note that EVERY, SINGLE attempt at viable reform was denied, demonized and degraded. And for what? A perpetual malaise of stagnation…massive unemployment…shrinking GDP…and a sad, downtrodden society.

Mr. Obama may approach a second term without such dastardly unpopular programs as ‘Obamacare’….He may move without a socially aggressive agenda. But chances are he will approach it as having received a mandate from the American people for a radical agenda. There will be near blanket amnesty in illegal immigration, massive expansion of entitlements, and continued roadblocks against what little hard industry we have left. As I mentioned in a previous post, business is frightened of this President. His restrictive policies are cloaked in vague, yet complex rhetoric.They simply do not know how to proceed. And I suppose he wants it that way. I KNOW he wants it that way!

I’ve never thought we were a gullible people. I suppose those in our society who are simply overcame those who were not. They simple ignorance of so many played so easily into the hands of a quasi despot. Barack Obama knew he could not implement radical change through violence. He would have to proceed through the legislative process. However, that, in no way, diminishes the inherent danger of his beliefs. He was and is the classic “dictator” who manages to convince the masses that their enemy is embodied in the successful..the independent. He, alone is the answer to what they seek. He will provide. That scenario has been played out throughout the history of the world. I just never thought I’d see it here.

I had hope when Mitt Romney chose Paul Ryan as his running mate. Ryan was a youthful, dynamic symbol of conviction and resourcefulness. Yet his relevance to the campaign seems to have faded. True to form, the media has focused on only the minute, insignificant statement he makes if it can be twisted into making it look like an error on his part. That’s the power they play to their advantage..as long as it helps their guy retain the White House.

So…what now?….I hope I’m wrong…but my gut tells me the narrative..false as it is..has been set. Far too many Americans will buy into it, thus dashing the efforts of those of us who know the reality of Barack Obama. I suppose the best plan of action is to reduce your debt…I have little, thankfully…and provide for yourself and your family as best you can. It’s discouraging to know the future is dismal, at best. For most Americans, there was always hope that things would be better. But, to their own detriment, many of those same people have traded hope for government. They’re lost, disillusioned, and desperate. To that end, they will place their existence in the hands of a man that offers nothing more than words while robbing them of what little dignity they have left. It’s heartbreaking to see this happening before our eyes. We are lost…we are no more. Such is life in the America of Barack Obama.


ROMNEY ADRIFT – Charlie Cook @ National Journal


2065: AMERICA FIFTY YEARS AFTER OBAMA – William Tucker @ American Spectator

4 thoughts on “Out on a limb…Common sense will lose in November

  1. I think you’re listening too much to the media hype and not enough to the fact that when you do the polling correctly Romney has an 8 point lead (http://www.examiner.com/article/mitt-romney-would-lead-eight-unskewed-data-from-newest-cnn-orc-poll ) and that he has now before he begins his full assault with his war chest a 14 point lead with independents (http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Journalism/2012/09/11/MSM-Covers-UpRomney-Lead-With-Indies?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+BreitbartFeed+%28Breitbart+Feed%29&utm_content=Google+Reader) The reality is that Romney is in a solid position in both the general polls and the electoral college. It would take a miracle for Obama to win.

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