The “Deaf”..the “Dumb” ..and the “Blind”

First things first. Of course I’m not referring to any physical disability. I’m actually referring to another type of “disability”. The inability of millions of Americans to discern…to decide…and to act.

Our national fabric is unraveling to the point it can’t be repaired. Our lack of concern is even more frightening.

The United States has seen a barrage of attacks this week. Literally and figuratively. And the simple fact is: no one cares. Bombings across the Middle East and a federal government about to print BILLIONS of dollars in hopes of saving a broken economy. Yet, no one cares. Granted, most do not understand it…or they don’t want to understand it. To make matters worse we are poised to return a man to the White House whose every effort is to the detriment of the nation, its people and future. I JUST CAN’T FATHOM THE REASONING BEHIND IT!

I am resigned to the facts. Common sense can’t prevail in November. I’ve made that clear before. I will fight, but the numbers of the opposition are too great. This will be the election equivalent of “The 300“. Sensible “Spartans” fighting valiantly against overwhelming numbers of petulant “Persians”…no heritage criticism intended. Mitt Romney is running against not only Barack Obama, but the Obama media, and millions of ignorant supporters. Supporters who have bought into the premise that Obama alone is the answer to their problems. He tells them, “Don’t worry..I’ll take care of it..” They don’t have the forethought to ask “How?”…and, of course, he never takes care of ANYTHING! Yet, they believe.

The 21st century has been tiresome for the United States. I realize that. It’s been a struggle…year after year. In the past there was always the sense bad times were just part of the cycle. Things would get better. I’m afraid not, this time. There’s absolutely NOTHING that offers even a shred of comfort. And we have a federal government doubling its efforts to expand the problem rather than correcting it. We have a President hell bent of continuing the problem rather than dealing with it. We have a political party in the Democrats…AND some Republicans…FAR more invested in continuing the problem rather than finding solutions.


The events of this week alone should be more than enough to convince you if you doubt it.

It doesn’t matter any longer if Barack Obama is truly incompetent or if his actions are by design. It no longer matters. What DOES matter is HE MUST BE STOPPED! The November elections will be test of resolve for the American people. Will there be enough of us with the courage to stand up and vote for REAL, SUBSTANTIVE CHANGE…or will we surrender to the cowards of this nation. Will we surrender everything to those who feel they deserve simply by their existence? I fear the latter will be the case…


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