“A picture is worth a thousand words…”

I’m not sure if a thousand words per picture is sufficient, when it comes to Barack Obama. Nevertheless, these are PERFECT examples of the point of this post!…I’m sure you will agree!


Mr. Obama shares is concerns….on ‘David Letterman’……

“That’s right, Dave…The stupid people in this country are more than willing to grant me second term…I have a hard time believing it but people REALLY ARE a bunch of dumbasses..and they believe the shit coming from me…”

I mean..come on!…How can we expect Barack Obama to concern himself with world tensions..spiraling debt..record unemployment?! He has more IMPORTANT things to do…like hanging out with David Letterman…schmoozing with Beyonce..or shootin’ the sh*t with JayZ!…He can’t be bothered with being “the President”! What are you thinking?!!!


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