“What Romney SHOULD Say!” – Polipundit

“Mr. Obama is a JOKE!”

I was recently discussing with my brother the tactic Mitt Romney should employ in the upcoming debates. We both agreed that he has NOTHING to be defensive about! Mr. Obama is the one with the record on trial! And he CANNOT defend it! The guys at PoliPundit have put together a little primer…it sums things up PERFECTLY!

What Romney should say

“Ladies and gentlemen, over the next hour, the president will promise everything you want to hear. Don’t believe him.

Every one of his promises comes with an expiration date. Every. Single. One.

He promised to fix the economy. Well, we’ve had 43 months of unemployment above 8 percent. That’s more than all the other presidents combined.

He’ll tell you about the 4 million jobs he created. That’s not even enough to make up for the jobs he lost! In fact, fewer people are working today than when he took office.

He’ll tell you he cares about the middle class. Well, when he took office, gas was $1.78 a gallon. Today, it’s above $4 a gallon. Does that sound like helping the middle class?

Meanwhile, he blocks energy exploration while losing billions of your dollars on “clean energy” projects that somehow never work out.

He’ll tell you that he’ll preserve Medicare. Instead, he took away $716 billion from Medicare to pay for his pet project, Obamacare.

Obamacare raises taxes on the poorest Americans. 6 million of them will have to pay over a $1,000 more in taxes because they don’t have health insurance.

He said he’d cut the budget deficit in half. Instead, he’s doubled it!

Do we want four more years of this? Four more years of decline? Four more years of miserable failure?

I’m not as good an orator as him, but I make this pledge: I will help you and your family. My administration will restore our future, and restore American greatness. We will leave our children a better world.

The choice before you is stark. I am certain you will choose wisely.”

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