Those four words have defined President Obama for me. They’ve become MORE defined in the past couple of weeks. Yet, I’m still astounded by the sway he holds over millions of American voters. He presents the message that HE is not responsible for HIS decisions. He answers criticism with a vague response claiming we can’t judge him as ALL Presidents before him have been judged. He comes across as the LEAST ‘presidential’ leader in American history while telling the nation we have to move ‘forward’ from ‘the old way’ of doing things. However, if you look realize Mr. Obama isn’t really ..doing..ANYTHING. Nevertheless, he’s managed to fabricate this smokescreen of a Presidency. And we’re supposed to allow it to continue for four more years!

The conventional wisdom on Mr. Obama’s opponent in Mitt Romney is he’s “stiff”…”distant”….”unable to connect with the voters”. Even his supporters buy into that premise. I’ve been part of that group during this campaign. I realize, when it comes down to it, that voters don’t seem to be focused. The vast numbers of “undecideds” makes me shake my head in disbelief! How can you NOT decide? What are you waiting on?…Are you waiting on some dynamic turn of events to shape your opinion?…

Here we have a President who sees more value in appearing on “The View”..for crissakes…than meeting with world leaders!…What is THAT about?…. Obviously, Mr. Obama sees our distracted culture for what it is…clueless! It’s just the latest example of how he plays the nonchalant attitude of the American public to its fullness!

The man lends NOTHING but lip service to…or ignores completely…. the issues that will shape our future. That is, if we have much of one left. Yet, many will go to the polls and endorse this vapid, empty excuse for a President once again. I suppose it’s true that many of us HAVE reached the point of not caring any longer. We’ve reached a point of asking “What IS the point?”

If that’s the case, we can expect nothing more than what we have now. The base of producers and achievers will continue to shrink. The element that depends upon government support will continue to grow. America’s place in the world will continue to diminish as we become more shaped by events abroad rather than shaping events. A nation built on independence will continue to become a nation of dependents. My belief that we have the ability and the will to turn this around becomes less with each passing day.

The lunacy out there seems to be elevated as we approach this election. The Obama Administration tries to convince the world a video was the root cause of the flare up of violence in the Middle East. Americans become distracted by refereeing in the National Football League. And Michelle Obama’s “lunch standards” becomes a lead news story! WTF?…

Thank you, Mr. President! You’ve managed to parlay your first term into an excuse to wreak more havoc!….Great job!


WHAT HAS OBAMA LEARNED? – Jonah Goldberg @ National Review Online

FOR THE SLUMLORD’S DEFENSE, BARACK OBAMA. ESQ. – The Obama You DON’T Know @ The Washington Examiner

VIDEO: Why do people hate the economy but still like Obama? – James Pethokoukis on CNBC


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