The ‘House of Cards’



Are the winds of change beginning to blow in the Presidential election?…Or is it just a brief change of direction?…We’ll see….If you’re no stranger here, you know I’ve been skeptical of Mitt Romney’s chance of convincing voters he’s the man for REAL CHANGE in Washington. Even some the most ardent detractors of Mr. Obama concede they’re not so sure whether anything would be different under a Romney administration. One thing’s for sure. He will certainly TRY to make a difference. As I’ve said before, Gov. Romney undoubtedly realizes the hell the nation has been through under President Obama. He KNOWS of the lack of leadership, the disdain for the rule of law, the unceasing supply of lies out of the White House…those factors alone would be more than enough to realize we need a new direction.

Last week’s debate was certainly proof of the inadequacies of Barack Obama…in case you NEEDED proof! Conservative media is still riding high on Romney’s superior performance. Will it last until the next debate? Probably. Will we see a different Obama in the second debate? Maybe. The fact is Barack Obama has absolutely NOTHING to stand on. Nothing he can put forth and ask if the country wants it to continue. NOTHING. He’s relied on his persona and his accomplices in the media to maintain the sham. To keep the narrative up that he’s who we need. When in truth, he does nothing. With the exception of spending more money we don’t have.

Back to the media…the stories abound as to what a miserable failure in the first debate Mr. Obama was. Some even admit it was a reflection of what his Presidency has been for nearly 4 years. Mr. Romney has seized the advantage he earned. And it’s been reflected in the polls, whether you place much value in them or not. The flimsy excuses Team Obama offered for the President’s performance are just more examples of incompetence run amok. Every single narrative, story, policy, program put forth by the Obama White House was and is shrouded in controversy and a degree of secrecy to one extent or another. This is what we get for electing a man few knew little, if anything, about in 2008.

Americans are seeing the real Obama exposed. And it’s not pretty.



36 HOURS OF OBAMA’S FOREIGN POLICY – National Review Online

“A look at the events of this past weekend is revealing, and depressing.”

PHONY IN CHIEF – Thomas Sowell @ Townhall

“HOPE IS NOT A STRATEGY” – Washington Free Beacon

Romney offers sharp contrast to Obama’s foreign policy”






One thought on “The ‘House of Cards’

  1. i agree. the debate didn’t show us a different Obama or a different Romney. Obama was as he always is w/o TOTUS & adoring handpicked crowds cheering him on. Romney got to do what the media should have done for the last 4 years – hold the Celeb in Chief accountable for his failed policies. He also finally presented himself & his plans, which Team Obama calls lies because they are at odds w/ the carefully constructed caricature they painted of Romney.

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