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State Dept.: We never believed what Hillary Clinton said! The Weekly Standard


I just don’t get it…This brings me back to a running theme I have with many a post…Do Americans care about anything any longer?….The Presidential election is a little less than a month away. We have an Obama Administration in COMPLETE disarray. We have a DEAD United States ambassador, among others, and it’s revealed this week the White House essentially LIED about the whole fiasco! Rather than attempting to resolve an explosive situation, their incompetence inflicted more damage. Rather than explain that all of the facts surrounding the crisis in Libya were not known at the time, the directive was to blame some obscure video critical of Mohammed. Rather than give serious consideration to the urgency received from United States missions in the country, a deaf ear and a blind eye was the Administration’s response. The ENTIRE situation is the latest example in the utter lack of leadership and the blatant disregard for the security of our nation coming from Barack Obama. The man is callous, conniving, and an abject liar. Yet he maintains the support of Americans who have no concept of the imminent THREAT four more years of an Obama presidency poses for this country. I JUST DON’T UNDERSTAND IT!




Barack Obama continues to lead the nation down the path of fiscal irresponsibility. Yet, no one cares. BILLIONS AND BILLIONS of dollars spent in an effort to shore up an economy that is literally in tatters.

From The Economic Collapse:

By the end of Barack Obama’s first term, the U.S. government will have accumulated more debt during those four years than it did from the time that George Washington took office to the time that George W. Bush took office! But most Americans seem fine with that!”

The insanity of all of this has reached proportions most of us cannot even begin to fathom. Yet…no one cares. And many will vote to have it continue on November 6. Unbelievable!




Instead of proposing real, sensible solutions to our fiscal problems, we get CRAP from blowhards like New York Senator Chuck Schumer….

“I don’t see how Sen. Chuck Schumer’s speech on tax reform yesterday helped anything — other than providing further clarity on how Democrats are going to try and deal with the exploding national debt: taxes, taxes, and more taxes.” – James Pethokoukis @ AEI

There you have it! The Democrats’s answer to EVERYTHING! YOU are going to have to pay MORE! The adage applies so perfectly to the Washington culture: GARBAGE IN, GARBAGE OUT!
Think about what’s at stake in this election. I know there are many Romney naysayers. But the facts are the facts. Barack Obama and the Democrat party have pursued a course which we LITERALLY cannot allow to continue. THAT mindset should be prevalent in EVERY, SINGLE voter come election day!






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