The ‘Final Blow’?

Are you as exhausted as much as I am?….With this election, that is?….

During the entire four years of his presidency…(let’s hope there’s not four more!) Mr. Obama’s administration has been embroiled in controversy, discourse, and incompetence. With a week left before the election, a natural disaster is adding insult to injury. For both Americans living in the region assaulted by Hurricane Sandy and those outside of it. Having grown up on the Gulf coast, you come to realize these things varying degrees. However, a storm taking aim at the population centers of the northeast does not come around very often. The next several weeks will be tough. No power, structural damage, no gasoline, limited food supply…Not an experience I’d wish on anyone.

At least Mr. Obama had the fortitude to remain in Washington during the crisis. Not something he’s shown much of in four years. Of course, the media focus is how this will all affect the campaign and the upcoming election. Americans are to cast their votes as dictated by law on November 6th. Will Mr. Obama attempt to circumvent that by claiming undue hardship for many to get to the polls? I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to see something along those lines get floated out there. I mean, THIS President has a history of simply “adjusting” the law as he sees fit. If it’s inconvenient, he simply dictates it to be otherwise. It’s who he is. He lacks respect for our nation of laws..He views much of them as unjust or unfair. His mantra is NOT to “play by the rules”.

Barack Obama has overseen this nation…if you could call it that…through some difficult times. Unfortunately, he’s done little, if anything, to improve our national situation. In many cases, he’s made matters worse. He remains indignant and petulant with an attitude of the entire institution of the American presidency  being beneath him. Yet he wants four more years. Mitt Romney is asking the voters for a chance to return respect, dignity, and common sense to the White House. You do not have to agree with all of his policies, if any at all. But you must admit, his efforts would be more sincere and more genuine than ANYTHING we’ve seen out of President Obama. Think about that!


2 thoughts on “The ‘Final Blow’?

  1. actually Obama didn’t initially have the fortitude to stay in Washington. as happened during the Benghazi crisis, his 1st instinct was to campaign. only when he realized the value of photo ops, he delegated his Florida campaign appearance to Bill Clinton & flew back to DC as the storm approached. I wish he at least acted as concerned when 4 Americans were killed last month.

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