THIS should be enough!…or Creepy Halloween!

What better day than Halloween to take a look at the latest, desperate attempts by the progressive left and the Obama campaign to sway voters. It’s really sad to see how immature and detached from reality these examples are. It proves how completely disconnected Mr. Obama and his supporters are from millions of Americans. Americans whose day to day reality is in no way similar to the images projected here.

HBO’s “Girls” star, Lena Dunham, was featured in one ad equating your first time voting to your first time having sex. If you happened to catch the HBO series, trust me…Lena Dunham is NOT someone you want to view engaging in sexual activities! Despite its reviews, the show was depressing as hell. I mean, couldn’t they have come up with someone that didn’t look so…sad?

Another ad has “children of the damned” types blaming their parents for the election of Mitt Romney and the apparent worldwide destruction that will result. I don’t know about you, but these kids in some sort of apparent trance sorta creeped me out. Who says mind control is a thing of the past?

Move On. org had to get into the act, of course! With Jabba the Hut’s twin, Michael Moore, helping out. They decided a spot featuring foul mouthed seasoned citizens would do the trick. Threatening to “cock punch” Romney’s “nut sack” and burn this “muthaf**ker down” is not exactly a tactic used to sway public opinion.

It just amazes me how low the political process has sunk. The direction away from the seriousness of the problems we face as a nation. And to think President Obama and his party are under the impression that what they see as “clever” appeals to voters will actually garner votes! What world are these consultants, producers, and advisors living in? The truth of the matter is, and always has been, Mr. Obama has no record of accomplishment…no precedent…no bragging rights, if you will. He has nothing to offer the American people but four more years of doldrums and malaise.

Childish attempts at convincing the voter to award him with a second term are sad and demeaning. His campaign and supporters have cheapened our heritage and our institutions. And though I continue to have my reservations about whether enough of us willing to offer serious solutions are still out there, I do believe more and more Americans realize his lack of conviction. Let’s hope that translates into votes for Mitt Romney on November 6.


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