I’m NOT alone after all!….




Among my friends I’m a pariah when it comes to politics. As a gay American my radical approach of NOT viewing everything through the rainbow prism confounds them at times. Though the usual scenario is we just avoid politics. You can find that in families and among friends across the country…Anyway…I found a great piece from Right DC. As a gay man, I found L.J. Regine’s thoughts on the subject right on target…


“I noted earlier this week on Facebook that three of my Facebook friends have asked, rather forcefully, for anyone who is voting for Romney to de-friend them. I’m sad to say I’ve lost three Facebook friends. As a sign of the times, it’s pretty dismal for our generation if we can’t tolerate disagreement on the issues affecting us all.

I consider myself a reasonable person, with the capacity and ability to weigh pros and cons on a variety of domestic and foreign policy issues. As it stands right now, gay marriage, which I am personally in favor of, is not my number one priority. But, ask anyone who knows me: I’m right up there with every other romantic, praying I will be lucky enough to find the partner of my dreams and spend my life with him. However, without a decent paying job, money in my bank account, student debt paid down and the ability to finance a house or a car, who the hell cares if I can get married to Ryan Gosling?

Instead of celebrating the positive shifts in culture in the past four to eight years where being gay has become more widely accepted than at any point in history, the gay rights activists and the liberal left choose to focus on the marriage issue as the only litmus test on which their vote depends. Ironically, from these same groups, there is widespread silence on Obama’s admission on MTV that he’s not going to try and push forward any federal gay marriage legislation in his next term. This comes after so gleefully endorsing gay marriage in May. Apparently, since I choose to look at a myriad of other issues instead of just being grateful for that Presidential pat on the head, I’m causing Christopher Hennesey, a gay writer over at the Huffington Post, to “lose his mind.”

If you’ll notice, Romney hasn’t used same-sex marriage as a wedge issue this year (nor has any other mainstream Republican running for election) as he knows good and well it would be wildly unpopular to do so with Independents. If the only fuel that the Anti-Romney crowd uses is a 2005 video where he argues against gay marriage and gay people adopting children I would just point them to how in 2004, after the Massachusetts courts found it was invalid under their state constitution to allow only heterosexual couples to marry, “then Gov. Romney ordered town clerks to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples as per the Supreme Judicial Court’s ruling, 180 days after it was issued, without the legislative action called for by the actual ruling.” As his actions have demonstrated, I believe Romney understands his role as President would be to allow our great Constitution and system of checks and balances to enforce the will of the people without standing in its way.

Moving on, I understand the stakes are high in this election just like they were in 2008. As Hillary Clinton argued in the 2008 Democratic Primary against then freshman Senator Obama, one needs to look to someone’s past performance as an indication of their future results. And the past four years have been full of lies about transparency, mishandling of economic priorities, bailouts for companies that are “too big to fail,” the most unpopular and unprecedented extension of government (ObamaCare) in history, record unemployment and anemic job growth. Obama called Bush’s spending “unpatriotic,” then in just four short years doubled the amount spent by Bush in eight. I could go on, but at this point in this election cycle, I trust you are well aware of Obama’s catastrophic record.

I’m arguing for a fresh start. Myself and many Americans—whether they be gay, straight, black, white or purple—would like to see a return to fiscal sanity and economic responsibility which Romney has demonstrated to me with his rhetoricand his record. I would like to see a smaller, more efficient government that gets out of the way of business and private citizens so they may thrive on their own merits, with no bailouts for those who mismanage or mishandle their finances. As a tax paying citizen, if I’m expected to be responsible I would like my government and our businesses to be held to the same standard. Romney agrees with that vision.

And finally as any true Republican would stand for, I believe government should stay out of my bedroom and off my back. Our best days are still ahead of us and I am certain Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan will do everything in their power to restore us to the great country we know we are and deserve to be. They have earned my vote this upcoming Tuesday, so Christopher Hennessy, consider your mind lost.”


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