Mitt Romney for President of the United States!



Well, it’s come down to it. Hard to believe, isn’t it? It seemed as it would be forever before the American people had the chance to express their opinion at the ballot box again. The years under Barack Obama manifested this unease…this pall over…just about EVERYTHING. Tomorrow, November 6, 2012 gives us a chance to set the course. A course that will return this nation to a direction in which it was meant to proceed.

I took advantage of early voting and cast my ballot last Saturday. With a sense of purpose, I voted for Mitt Romney. As if you didn’t already know…

I believe Gov. Romney retains what millions of Americans feel. He doesn’t view the nation as misguided or misdirected. He views many of its so called “leaders” characterized as such. He does not view the American people  owed something because of what some claim has been done to them. He views opportunity as promoted through trust and leadership. Government has long ago escaped from its role as the instrument of the people to a force often at odds with the people. Within that government are those whose sole purpose is to utilize its power to reward those who exist only to reap said rewards. That has to change.

Barack Obama has taken government authoritarianism to new heights. He has willfully and purposely ignored his sworn duty and cheapened the role of the President. He has politically profited by inciting undue discourse among the people of this country. His outrageous and unfounded claims have manipulated fear …and quite literally, the lives of millions of Americans. He has offered nothing to promote national prosperity. I believe Mitt Romney will change that. Barack Obama is completely and sadly lacking leadership qualities. His arrogance and disdain are evident day after day. There are even those who say he really doesn’t want a second term. I could easily subscribe to that. He looks at his role as beneath him. He doesn’t view himself as a leader. He feels the American people should know better. They should know his view of this nation is what we are destined to become. He doesn’t view his role as something he owes all off us with gratitude. Mitt Romney will change that. He views the role of President as a debt to the American people and he will lead as such.

Will Governor Romney prevail tomorrow? It is my hope he will. Unfortunately, there are millions of Americans so gullible to persuasive nonsense, they will cast their vote for Barack Obama. The irony of that is they will be voting for a continuation of malaise and discourse…stagnation and the gradual degradation of American society. On the other hand, millions of Americans who believe we can tackle the difficult years ahead with decisive leadership and common sense will cast their vote for Mitt Romney.

We are at a crossroads. The right direction should be obvious. Whether there are enough of us who put their priority on what needs to be done..what MUST be done…remains to be seen.

Think about your choice tomorrow. Think carefully. Very carefully. Your future…our future…literally depends upon it.



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