Dear Mom and Dad…






Yeah, I know….It’s been a while. First, I want to say I really miss you both….very much. But, I think you know that.

A lot has been going on these past few years. I think you know that, also. It’s been tough. We’re doing the best we can. Unfortunately, you wouldn’t recognize much. Change has come…and not for the better. I have to say, I think your departure was at the right time. I think it would be very disheartening to see the country now. So much of what you believed…what you worked for…what you cherished…Well, it’s gone. It’s no longer valued. It’s no longer “accepted”.

Dad, you were right about SO much! Remember how I would roll my eyes when you got into one of your rants?…If I had only known….Well, maybe I did…somewhat. President Obama, that I told you about, before…His FIRST term was terrible! He seemed to govern with this..arrogance..this resentment. Spending…unemployment….no consideration for tradition and value whatsoever! I had hoped he would be defeated when he decided to run for a second term. Sadly, he was not. I had such a hard time figuring out HOW and WHY so many Americans would award him with another four years. But, they did. It’s a sad reflection of who we are now. The country struggled through difficult economic times…and still is…yet, they decided to put their faith in this liar…this charlatan..this vengeful man. Remember how there was NO WAY a President who presided over a depressed and distressed economy would EVER have a chance at re-election? That’s changed. THIS President not only contributed eagerly to our problems, but, he was REWARDED for it! It’s amazing!

The country now looks at how you both took pride in achievement and hard work with callous disregard. I’m really sorry to see that. The government now props up failure and poor decisions while casting blame elsewhere. There is literally NO responsibility any longer. Everything is someone else’s fault.

Mom, I recall how much you loved teaching. Even after you retired, you really missed it. The classroom has changed so much. Teachers these days are more concerned about anything BUT teaching. Contracts, pay…unions…It all takes precedent over the job they were actually hired for. It’s really, really sad. Add to that, kids who could not care less about learning something and you have the makings of a shrinking society in terms of skills…and common sense.

No one seems to care any longer. About ANYTHING! It can be very discouraging. What would have sparked outrage in the past is met now with a shrug of the shoulders. Nothing is shocking…nothing is surprising. And if it may be…it’s over in a day or two. Forgotten. A lot of that is due to what has happened to the media. Dad, you wouldn’t believe it! They…most of them, anyway…no longer question the government’s actions..keeping an eye on them… They now go out of their way to ignore what the government does…and in many cases perpetuate the lies. It’s frightening!

We have millions of people on some sort of government assistance. I couldn’t…and I know you both would feel the same…IMAGINE that when my brother and I were growing up! The really scary part is nothing is being done to change it! It’s encouraged and expanded! This President Obama guy really despises private business. He looks at it as inherently evil. And he is determined to shape the economy as he likes it. The government..meaning him…will decide who makes it and who doesn’t! Did you ever think that was possible in this country? The rest of the elected people in government are no better. They bicker constantly and jockey for position on issue after issue. In the meantime, those that try to take care of themselves and their families suffer. That struggle pretty much cancels out whatever concern they may have about Washington. And the politicians know this!

You both gave us a good life. I always knew that. You instilled in us the belief that, in the end, the only person we could count on…aside from family…was ourself. I want to thank you for that. It’s rare, if not nonexistent these days. It gives some comfort for the years ahead. Your efforts will never have been in vain. Believe me! Your memory will always be with me. It is a unique treasure no one will ever take away from us!

God bless you both…


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