Appealing to the Dumb (M)asses!

Well, have you recovered from your Thanksgiving holiday?…I suppose, in many ways, things are just getting started! I’m not sure what to make of spending for the upcoming season. Of course, that goes with just about ANYTHING the media reports on. CNN says traffic was up, but sales were down. TechCrunch says online sales surged. figure it out…

“I’m coming after MORE of your money…and you ASKED for it!”

One thing’s you could probably bet on as a certainty…your taxes are going up. President Obama will likely move for some sort of major tax increase. It’s what he does..its’ who he is. The President is an enemy of commerce and producing in this country. Period.

I found this reader’s take on what’s ahead in the Duluth (MN) News Tribune:


I will predict the president’s strategy for fiscal policy. He vilifies anyone who worked hard, came up with a good idea, risked their money, or made good decisions and had their efforts rewarded. He campaigned on the promise to get more of their money. He seems unsatisfied with getting 3 percent to 4 percent more.

Everyone agrees the tax system needs reform. President Obama will pressure Republicans into raising rates on the top

2 percent of income-tax filers (who currently pay 60 percent of all federal income taxes, according to the Wall Street Journal and other sources). Once he has gotten the increase in tax rates, Obama will push closing tax loopholes for this select few, further increasing their taxes.

Obama seems to believe the successful 2 percent must take personal responsibility for all Americans.

Is it surprising that according to exit polls, 60 percent of voters support raising taxes on the top 2 percent? No. If you ask, “Would you rather raise your taxes or the other guys’ taxes?” you’d expect a high percentage voting for the other guy. Obama should be concerned his scheme didn’t get the support of 98 percent.

Obama, like President Clinton and Warren Buffet, has said he could pay more in federal taxes. Yet last year he took all the deductions his returns. Romney, meanwhile, paid more taxes by not taking the deductions to which he was entitled, according to news reports. (It’s funny Obama didn’t mention Romney as a good example of what he was talking about!)

Obama seems to love to say: “I say what I mean and I mean what I say.” I look forward to Obama taking the standard deduction on his 2012 return. Paying more taxes and demonstrating he means it.

Doug Haertzen

Warba, Minn.

I couldn’t agree more with Mr. Haertzen. Mr. Obama subscribes to the notion that the only way to solve the nation’s fiscal woes is to take more from those that have and give it to those that don’t. That’s it, in a nutshell. There is no argument to be made that disputes that. There just isn’t. Have you ever asked yourself why the government’s answer is to seize more from YOU? Why is limiting the scope and growth of the government NEVER a consideration? WHY IS THAT? The answer today is simple. President Obama and the Democrats have succeeded in making more and more of your fellow Americans dependent upon the federal government for their livelihood…and in some cases, their survival. That doesn’t explain why the federal government does not place its focus and energy on a more productive society instead.

Under the ‘WHO DIDN’T SEE THIS COMING?’ banner, we now have Republicans caving on their commitment to no new taxes. And I’m sad to say MY senator, Saxby Chambliss (R-GA), is apparently leading the way.

“I am basically…a coward…”

It just goes to show you even the most stalwart defenders of common sense in government can weaken. Whatever is politically expedient rules the day. I had more faith in Sen. Chambliss, but I suppose that was a foolish notion.

“I’m hoping to remind the cowards as to what they ALREADY agreed to!”

In the meantime, at least some have retained some balls…Alabama’s Jeff Sessions (R) has indicated that Congress should stick with the budget limitations agreed to in LAST year’s agreement. We shall see how THAT plays out..

Lets’s face it folks. You know it and I know it. The President…Congress…they (MOST of them, anyway) have no intention whatsoever about tackling the problems we face. They lack the guts and fortitude to face facts. They’re basically cowards. Their position in government is secure as long as they can convince the dumb asses in this country that they care and they have the answers. When, the fact is, THEY are the problem!

I am convinced more than ever before that the only thing that will wake the American people up to reality is national catastrophe of massive proportions. God forbid…It’s going to take something on huge scale…whether it’s economical, military in nature, or a natural disaster. The latter may not have as far reaching proportions and the previous two, but it could turn out to be an indicator of where we’re headed. Hurricane Sandy is the latest example. We simply cannot go on as we have in the past. There were those that saw no real difference between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama as the election approached. They may have been right. But…we’ve now handed the keys to our car over to a dangerous, intoxicated driver who is intent on going faster and faster. He’s taking us in the wrong direction and the destination is NOT going to be pretty! Enjoy the ride! It could very well be your last!

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