The Money Pit…and short sightedness…


With all of the usual Washington posturing, double talk, and finger pointing currently raging over our ‘fiscal crisis’, a hard, simple, truth is consistently overlooked. The fact is our national debt is so unfathomable it will NEVER be paid down by any significant level. If the federal government ceased spending…and I’m referring to those expenditures that are all a part of budget that’s at the center of discourse…and applied income from taxes, etc., any significant debt reduction would take an eternity. That’s how bad it is. Reducing spending is always part of a “plan”, yet it never seems to come to fruition. Agreeing to discuss reductions in the amount of spending years down the road is NOT the same thing. However, that’s all we seem to get.

I realize the government cannot cease spending. The effects would be…well, who knows?…it’s never happened. That being said, continuing to operate as if there’s an infinite amount of money to be had is living in a fool’s paradise. With the national economic situation being what it is, you’d think sane heads would prevail here. Unfortunately, President Obama prefers to set his sights on “the rich” and place the blame on our mishandling of finances solely on their shoulders. All the while, promising a blank check to more and more Americans who see his lies as their only hope. Rather than focusing on expansion and growth of the private sector, Mr. Obama would rather cast it as the villain here. This empowers him..sustains his reasoning for the government’s existence. Sure, the feds can print money. But, more and more money flooding the economy with less and less to back it up devalues our currency. Major world players are gradually moving away from the dollar as the currency of choice. Not to mention those who own our debt are probably not too keen on getting payed back with dollars that are worth less and less…or eventually worthless.

I know it’s tough out there. Yet, common sense approaches…distasteful medicine…and hard choices are all part of the picture now. The foolishness of those in power has come home to roost. Nevertheless, they will always refuse to accept a shred of blame for their part in our situation.

I came across this from Ben Stein at the American Spectator

“So, Let’s be honest: the ultra-rich do not need ultra-low taxes. The poor have a moral claim on the generosity of the nation if they are genuinely in need. Might we just try to align ourselves with the morally right position for fiscal policy?”

Have to say I’m a bit disappointed in Mr. Stein’s take on matters. First of all, I doubt or poor…deals with “ultra-low taxes”! All you have to do is ASK anyone that actually PAYS taxes. Secondly..”the poor have a moral claim on the generosity of the nation..”???? A MORAL CLAIM?????  I can’t seem to figure that one out. So I guess, depending upon how dire your situation is, you have a moral right to go out in the streets and DEMAND that you be given money, food, shelter..what have you!  No, Mr. Stein. NO ONE has a CLAIM on generosity! Generosity comes from the individual. The individual decides how, when, and if they are willing to give and share with others less fortunate. There is NO CLAIM to their behavior…their emotions. People make choices in life. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. However, no one has a right..moral or expect someone else to step forward and rectify their situation. THAT is where we are today with millions of Americans. They EXPECT the government to provide…because…DAMN IT!…they have a “moral right” to someone else’s stuff!

Mr. Stein goes on to fault the Republicans for their stance on matters…

“How did we ever get into the position of fighting like madmen to keep taxes low on billionaires? How can we possibly win if our position is to sacrifice the welfare of poor and lower middle class people to make sure we keep the taxes of very wealthy people low? Let’s see: Obama is for keeping almost all entitlements and raising taxes on the rich (his definition of rich is insane but that’s another story). Our GOP position is low taxes on the rich and cut entitlements and medical care for the poor. Hmmm, which is a winning position?”

You will note the he points out Mr. Obama’s “definition of rich is insane but that’s another story”. Another story?…I think it is central to THIS story! That’s just it. Obama and the Democrats would raise taxes across the board, if they could. No doubt about it! And I’m sure Mr. Stein knows better when he claims the GOP position is to “cut entitlements and medical care for the poor”. He knows that entitlements are in deep do do in this country. Sure, reforming them will include cuts. But that brings us back to where we are. There are fewer and fewer Americans working to provide the government with money to give to those who are not. Whether it’s medical care or something else.

So what do we do? You would think, as mentioned previously, the obvious solution would be to get the country working again…More and more Americans providing for themselves. But that is NOT in the best interest of Barack Obama and the Democrats. That scenario would jeopardize their existence. I’m afraid we have more of our countrymen blind to that fact. The media continues to perpetrate the lies. It’s all very incestuous.

The holiday season is upon us now. Some advice if you’re considering charitable givings. Do it because you want to…not because it’s expected. That mindset is what we used to be about as a nation. Hopefully, it will someday return.


PLANTING THE SEEDS OF HIS OWN DEMISE – Peter Ferrara @ The American Spectator


BARGAINING AND ITS LIMITS – Yuval Levin @ National Review

THE BUDGET BASELINE CON – The Wall Street Journal


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