The Bottom Line….







It’s been purported…and rightly so, I might add….that all of this fiscal cliff talk delays the inevitable. The nation is on an unsustainable path with President Obama, his party, and his supporters refusing to look at matters sensibly while increasing our pace to financial armageddon. Of course, none of that matters. What matters is what we want now…right?…Well, the bill is now due for that approach we’ve been reveling in for decades.

Mr. Obama has no plan to turn things around. He wants no part of it. His belief is more spending, more debt, more government..and more lies.

The Washington Examiner’s Philip Klein sums it up PERFECTLY!…..

“It isn’t surprising to me that right now, most Americans would prefer raising taxes on two percent of taxpayers and avoiding cuts to entitlements. Because as of now, Democrats have gotten away with promoting the fantasy that the nation can balance the budget by making modest adjustments to spending while protecting 98 percent of the country from tax increases. But they won’t be able to get away with this fairy tale forever. At some point, reality will set in, and the reality is that in order to protect entitlements from major changes, Democrats will have to back massive across the board tax hikes. Let’s see how polls turn out when middle class Americans are asked whether they want to pay significantly higher taxes in order to minimize cuts to entitlement programs, or how they’ll feel when interest rates and inflation are soaring as a result of the national debt.”

That’s it, folks. That’s all it is. The Republicans are foolishly attempting to convince the idiots of our nation that common sense should prevail. It’s an attempt in vain, mind you. On the other hand, the Democrats, with their media allies, play to stupidity and ignorance…and it pays off for them. That’s what we have become as a nation.



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