What can you say?…


As yesterday’s horrific events unfolded in Newtown, CT., it’s hard, if possible at all, to gather any understanding of it. I suppose that IS the answer. There is no understanding to be had.

What really tears at you is the loss of life. Families whose worlds were shattered forever due to the mind of a troubled, demented individual. I can’t begin to imagine how you deal with such a tragedy. Maybe you don’t.

I listened to coverage of the aftermath on radio as I took care of various tasks…frequently stopping to pay more attention to what was being said. Of course, “experts” and “analysts” were trying to apply their opinion as sensible when explaining something that will NEVER make sense. It was all very detached and tinged with condescension. I just shook my head. Then you have the political vultures who seize upon the event to further a cause. I could visualize the scheming and calculated planning that was taking place among these despicable people. Their devotion…or obsession…takes precedence over all else. The calls for stricter gun control..and the outlawing of them all together..was expected. I do believe there should be a more detailed and mandatory approach when registering firearms. However, even with that in place…or the elimination of gun ownership completely would have little or any effect on the plans of disturbed individuals. Delay the plans?…Perhaps….Deter them completely?…doubtful.

In the meantime, we have a society refusing to take a hard, honest look at our culture and what it glorifies. It’s much preferable to shift blame somewhere else so the problem does not have to be dealt with. Americans are quite adept at that. The election in November is a perfect example. But, we won’t get into that…

Christmas is approaching and the shattered lives of many Connecticut families will never be the same. God help them. Dealing with what THEY will have to endure is beyond comprehension. Try to remember that.


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