The Irony of ‘Where We are today’…





There are not a lot things about life in American that make sense any longer. I don’t know…I was just thinking about it…in far too much detail, as usual. But if you take a look around, you might agree…

Everyone say “something must be done”..whether it’s social, fiscal…what have you…But no one wants to do anything. Mistakes have been made, but no one made any mistakes. “It can’t be business as usual”, but that’s exactly what it is. We can’t spend our way out of debt, but that’s what government is trying to do. And failing, miserably, I might add. President Obama says everyone should pay their fair share. When in reality, half of America pays no “share” at all!

As a nation, we have a history of determination, self reliance, and integrity for what we KNOW to be right. Under THIS President and his party’s leadership, or lack thereof, ALL of that has disappeared. We’re now a nation of blame, excuses, and self righteousness. I shudder to think of what four more years under Barack Obama holds for us. It is no longer a concern for where we ARE headed. WE ARE THERE! You’re living and regretting it with each passing day. A lesson to be learned?…I wouldn’t count it. Sadly, we passed that point years ago.


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