Politics aside….


I thought it would be nice to focus on something a bit different for this posting. Not to mention putting the collapse of American society to the wayside for bit. Instead I’m focusing on the collapse of English aristocracy. Specifically, the aristocracy of ‘Downton Abbey’. Yes, I too have succumbed to PBS and Masterpiece’s mesmerizing and enticing period drama about a well to do, at least in title and name, English family and their servants during Edwardian England.

I knew of the series and recorded several episodes over the past 2 seasons, but never took the time to watch. Boy, was I missing out! With the near demise of the scripted drama on American television, ‘Downton Abbey’ is by far the best show out there! Beautiful settings, sharp as a razor dialogue, and intriguing story lines all make for quality viewing. And, as we all know, there’s not much of that left any longer! (See garbage like ‘All My Babies Mamas’!…Thanks a lot ‘Oxygen’!…Just when I thought we’d run out of ideas!)

Don’t think of ‘Downton’ as high brow. On the contrary! There’s intrigue, murder, sex, war, AND comedy! And it all works flawlessly. A top notch cast and scripts keep the show moving at quite a clip.

Anyway, I’m caught up now. After a couple of marathon viewing sessions, I’m ready for tonight’s premiere of season 3! Shirley Maclaine joins the cast as the imposing mother of the American, Lady Grantham. Played perfectly by Elizabeth McGovern. Add to that the amazing Maggie Smith, and you have a recipe for fireworks!


So..if you want to escape to life for the privileged of 100 years ago, be sure to tune in. Trust me! You will NOT be disappointed!


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