The Reaction


Let’s take a look at some of the observations to the usual bullsh*t Barack Obama delivered in the SOTU:

“…He tried to blame the GOP – and excuse himself – for the impending sequester cuts of roughly $90 billion from Pentagon and domestic spending..” The Daily Caller

“You know, he says, ‘You can’t cut your way to prosperity.’This speech is about spending your way to prosperity.” Charles Krauthammer

“Then … with regard to entitlements that are driving our fiscal problem, [Obama] said, ‘We shouldn’t make promises we cannot keep, but we must keep the promises we have already made,’” ….“That is the end of any illusion the Republicans could have had about a grand bargain reforming entitlement programs as they now exist. … It is clear the president says there’s not going to be any spending cuts.” George Will

“President Barack Obama had a simple message for Republicans in Congress: Do it my way.” Townhall

“It is terribly appropriate that President Obama gave his halting and graceless State of the Union address on Mardi Gras: He spent the evening shouting “Laissez les bons temps rouler!” at every liberal constituency in sight, promising new spending for public-sector unions (“Fix-It-First”), demanding (yet again) that banks renegotiate mortgages on politically driven terms, offering handouts to Al Gore–style enviropreneurs (reviving cap-and-trade, offering yet more subsidies to politically connected energy firms), and promising a $9-an-hour minimum wage.” – National Review

“The big question of President Obama’s second term is whether he wants to forge bipartisan compromises in the next two years, or whether he wants to spend these years campaigning against Republicans to regain Democratic control of the House in 2014 and then finish his Presidency with another liberal crescendo. Judging by his inaugural address and Tuesday night’s State of the Union, we’re guessing he’s going for Speaker Nancy Pelosi.” – The Wall Street Journal

“BOORING! – State of the Union delivers laundry list for the left.” – Washington Free Beacon

“Did I miss something? Or was the State of the Union Address delivered by President Obama last night unusually pedestrian, packed to the gills with clichés, promises, gimmicks, and endless talk of partnerships, goals, challenges, and commissions for which Washington is famous?” Fred Barnes @ The Weekly Standard

America needs a sequester. That’s what we take from the State of the Union. Though President Obama ranged far and wide last night – touching on everything from immigration and troop levels in Afghanistan to an increase in the minimum wage – what shines through is his determination to spend and tax without any serious restraint!” The New York Post

“Nothing big or bold about Obama’s address.” National Journal

I think the Onion sums it up perfectly…

#SOTU fact check: the American people do not actually deserve better – @OnionPolitics

"Hey voted for more bullsh*t..well, you got it!"

“Hey America…you voted for more bullsh*t..well, you got it!”


2 thoughts on “The Reaction

  1. Unbelievable. You are so blinded by your hate of Obama you conveniently overlook the fact that the State of the Union has always been about spectacle. I suggest you re-watch George Bush’s State of the Union Addresses. He also had ‘ lengthy receiving line (sic) of adoring sycophants.’ Was he operating under a similar delusion? Or is this just another case of ‘IOKIYAR?’ (It’s OK If You’re A Republican)

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