Fraying Around the Edges…

To borrow a line from “The Lady Heir” skit from ‘The Carol Burnett Show’….

“Well, well, well, well, well..well…..well”…


That’s my reaction to the swirling mess surrounding the Obama administration these past few days. If you follow events even somewhat, you know what an incompetent group of “keystone cops” we have running things in this country. And atop it all sits a President who attempts to constantly disassociate himself from responsibility and policy.


With Mr. Obama’s unfounded claims harking disaster at the prospect of sequestration cuts, he finds himself ranting against a policy he previously endorsed! The Washington Post’s Bob Woodward has found his way to the administration’s enemies list by pointing out this fact. I mean, it doesn’t look good for the White House when the “Post” allows such a story to manifest! Can’t have that, now can we?


Also related to the sequester comes the story that Homeland Security secretary, Janet Napolitano’s department orders the release of illegal immigrants due to anticipated cuts. And, true to form,the White House disavows any knowledge of such a decision. WTF?!!!!

It boggles the mind! Is THIS any way to run a country?!!!!!

"Like we told Americans, Obamacare is supposed to be something for nothing.."

“Like we told Americans, Obamacare is supposed to be something for nothing..”

And from our clueless file comes the revelation that Democratic ‘strategerist’, Donna Brazile’s complaint and claim that her insurance premiums are going up!…This wasn’t supposed to happen! It’s supposed to all be free now!..How can this happen?!!!


All of this stuff, and more, is just the beginning of the fiasco that will be President Obama’s second term. And we asked for it! Or most of us did, anyway. It just doesn’t make sense and it doesn’t add up. We have allowed the idiotic, the clueless, and the senseless to define our nation, our way of life, and our future. We have placed in charge those whose very nature threatens what so many have worked so hard for over so many years. Yet we’ve eagerly allowed ourselves to be duped for one reason or another. Whether it comes from fear or some sort of misguided view of “fairness”. The Obama administration continues to pursue a direction that, hopefully, more and more Americans will question. That questioning must lead to placing responsibility where it belongs…on him and his policies. The President cannot be removed from the equation with this belief that he is somehow separate from the problem. His nonstop campaign mode is not the answer. Mr. Obama continues to demagogue and blame, which will offer no real solution to ANYTHING. Of course, the truth of the matter is, he wants no solution. A resolution or an agreement threatens everything he’s built his house of cards upon.

The day will soon come when an event will shake this nation economically if we don’t turn this around. If we continue to turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to reality, we will all pay the price. And in the White House we have a man who exactly wants that to happen.


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