Sunday thoughts…

After a rather tumultuous week, I’ve come to the conclusion that much of what we see in our country today cannot continue and is NOT going to end well. We have a divided nation overseen by a divisive President. Mr. Obama has parlayed his second term into an acceleration of exacerbating the problems. As previously mentioned, he’s managed to pull off quite the coup. Separating himself from ANY responsibility while shifting blame to his political opposition. An eager and complicit media, an ill informed electorate, and a struggling economy add up to a situation few should like to fathom. Yet, we continue….

What will it take to shake this nation to its core? I shudder to think! But, it will likely be situation unseen by most of our citizens. Whether it manifests internally or by way of an external threat, it will be ugly. And it’s only a matter of time. The sad realization is Barack Obama has shielded only himself from what this nation suffers through. He alone has capitalized (an ironic term!) on difficulty and uncertainty. And few, if any, are willing to stand up and proclaim that this simply cannot go on! A President should be a leader, a visionary. Barack Obama is neither. His very nature is opportunistic and dismissive. He has masterfully played the American people for fools and they seem to be asking for more. I only hope that we are prepared for what will surely come. It will be a test of our fortitude and resilience. A test we will likely fail.


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